4 ideas to create fun spaces with your kids at mealtimes with these 5 restaurant recommendations in Eindhoven.

It's hang out Sunday in Expat Kids in Eindhoven! Restrictions continue and many small businesses have made great efforts to survive during the extended measures, clinging to new sales channels and, above all, to their most loyal customers. 

Every Sunday I try to recommend places to go with the kids to eat, but as I said before the measures continue so I will continue to recommend places where you can order food and enjoy fabulous meals with your children and try to support small businesses.

Today I want to invite you to create spaces with your children to have fun at mealtimes or to share a meal.

To do this and not lose the habit of creating spaces for entertainment and fun at home. I bring you the following ideas.

1. Make an activity with a map or world map where they order in one of these restaurants and share stories about the food, you can use characters from your child's favorite cartoons. (Turkey, Korean, The Netherlands, India) 

2. Turn your home into a restaurant by setting up a table in the garden or living room with candles. Name your restaurant, ask the children to help you. Get the children to wear special clothes like you and your husband and play at being in a restaurant trying out a new dish. (Piece of heaven restaurant, with the love of mum and dad restaurant, special moments in family restaurant, my house restaurant)

3. With these 5 options you can put the names and style of food in a box and have everyone pull slips of paper out of the box to see which one wins. And milk this place.

4. Tell them the story of the country of origin where they ordered the food. If you want you can recreate it with traditional costumes or draw the flag. (Turkey, Korean, The Netherlands, India) 

Well, now that you have followed the recommendations, let's move on to our restaurant recommendations in our lovely Eindhoven.

My First recommendation is Turkish Tale. Here they cook Turkish food that is hard to find in Eindhoven. Turkish food has much more to offer than just kebabs; to prove it, they share weekly home-cooked takeaway menus.

Chef Tale's inspiration is her mother, whom she watched cook for years, and being away from home and missing her mother and her favorite dishes led her to recreate her recipes. Almost all of her recipes belong to her family.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, she decided to share the diversity of Turkish cuisine with a wider audience. Thus, Hale Tales was born.


Email: info@turkishtale.nl

Tel:   06 14594708

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turkishtale/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turkish.tale/

Website: https://turkishtale.nl/

  Photo from Turkish Tale gallery

Moving on to the next recommendation, this time it is Molensintjan.

The mill was completely newly built between 1985 and 1991 by father and son (Bert and John) De Jong with some parts from other mills.

The octagon comes from the German town of Leezen (near Hamburg). A sprocket remains from the earlier wind rose. The substructure is made of yellow ice stones from the demolished windmill hull from Vught. The mill is ground for human consumption.

Next to the mill is the workshop of John de Jonghs mill making company. Since 2012, a bakery and eatery with a terrace has been established between the mill and the workshop. Since the beginning of 2020, more and more milling has been used for home bakers.

There are also various cake / cookies and cake mixes available. A nice promotion is also devised once every 2 months. The next promotion is the Easter promotion (see photo). The Easter promotion consists of: a weck jar with baking mix + Easter eggs for € 8.50.

Email: korenmolensintjan@gmail.com

Tel:  06-53286223

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Molensintjan/

   Photo from Molensintjan gallery

My third recommendation is Chop Your Carbs. This place is if you want to enjoy a range of healthy and tasty menus prepared by ketogenic food lovers.

The chef says it's a mistake to think that healthy food is boring, but their food will definitely change your mind! They will help you and make your step towards healthy living a piece of cake.

Email: chopyourcarbs@gmail.com

Tel:  06 57087943

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chop-Your-Carbs-100288305269509/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chopyourcarbs/

Website: https://chopyourcarbs.nl/

   Photo from Chop Your Carbs gallery

My fourth recommendation is Ishu eats, the brainchild of Chef Ishu, whose passion for creating a delicious, comforting and fresh food business has led him into the world of food.

Having lived in cities such as Chicago, Beijing, Singapore, New Delhi and Amsterdam, he has had the opportunity to learn and taste all kinds of cuisines.

Ishu eats' philosophy is not a fixed menu. He understands what it means to serve and eat food at the right temperature, with the right texture and the right balance of flavours. That's what he plans to share with customers.

Email: info@ishueats.nl

Tel:  06 46682888

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ishueats

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ishueats/

Website: http://www.ishueats.nl/

    Photo from Ishu eats gallery

And my last recommendation for now  is Sarah Kim Korean Cuisine, enjoy the Korean food experience, workshop and Sarah's special Kimchi without using any chemical flavors.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahkimkoreancuisine/

    Photo from Sarah's Kim gallery

 See you next Sunday with a new series of recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

With love



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