SA Love by Grace was born with the mission to impact and improve lives. Using gifts and talents given by Grace to accomplish this mission.

We are a non-profit social organization. Working in two main focus:

  • Education
  • Community

Our projects in these three areas are:

  • Education with the project Love by Grace Kids
  • Community with the project Expat Kids in Eindhoven

Each project has different initiatives aimed at strengthening each of them.

Why Love by Grace?

We believe the most important ingredient to do anything in our life is Love. This will always be the power that will enable us to bring value to life. Love is and will always be stamped in every detail made by our hands to honor all the gift and talents received by Grace. We are Love! We are Grace!
In this way, our  Main focus is oriented to contribute in the fulfillment of the objectives.
 Volunteering is transversal to each of our Main Focus.