On Saturday, October 16, join thousands of abolitionists in hundreds of cities across the globe to reach your city with the awareness of human trafficking and how to end it.

We are hosting a #WalkForFreedomEindhoven in our city because we believe that together, our actions have the power to bring freedom to more lives affected by human trafficking right here in our city and around the world. Join me on October 16, and walk for the millions enslaved:

Human Trafficking

It’s the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor.
Through force, fraud, and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will–right now in the 21st century.

This is the reality: slavery is violence. It’s physical, verbal, and sexual abuse.

But, slavery is more stoppable than ever before. And that’s why we’re here, rallying around the world and doing the work together.

Photo taken from A21 website

Photo taken from A21 website

We would like to invite to be part of the new abolitionist movement. "Walk for Freedom" .  We are called us to make history, to be light in the darkness, to be the voice for the people who for different circumstances cannot speak and I'm sure this October 16 is one of the opportunities to be the voice, to speak for more than 6.000 people who fall victim to human traffic each year in Netherlands. Two thirds of the people trafficked (about 4.000 people per year), fall victim to sexual abuse and slavery. (1.320 girls each year) who are preyed upon by called "Lover boys". The other 2.000 victims of human trafficking are largely foreigners who are put to work by organized crime groups.  This is only the cifres here in Netherlands u can imagine around the world.

Because the Human traffick is real, this is happening, there are millions of slaves in the world today, more than even in human history, and the sadder is that only 1% of the victims is ever rescued.

This October 16, Because 

 🌸with each step, we will see more people reached

🌸with each pound, we will see more victims rescued.                                     

🌸with each step, we will see more survivors restored.                                

🌸with each pound, we will see trafficker brought to justice.

Join us for a walk in our city or participate in the new Walk for Freedom Challenge. Together, we can make this the most impactful year yet by raising awareness of human trafficking and ending it once and for all.