Love is the most important ingredient to do anything in our life is . This will always be the power that will enable us to bring value to life. Love is and will always be stamped in every detail made by our hands to honor all the gift and talents received by Grace. We are Love! We are Grace!
We are committed to the Objectives of Sustainable Development. We deeply understand our role to work with focus on each of the 17 goals, to offer our new generations a sustainable future.
Volunteering is transversal to each of our Main Focus. 


Love does not stop in the mind, but moves to the hands and feet, because we believe that faith without works is as nothing.

Join in using your talents to spread Love.. Love by Grace

Be Volunteer It is a force that moves the masses to generate social transformation. This is why we work collectively to promote a true culture of solidarity through service to others.

We aim to strengthen competencies through specific voluntary actions framed in various modalities. We create and design differentiating experiences that combine skills, time and talents to contribute to the solution of social problems in a sustainable way.

Specific Activities: to put the skills, time and talents of volunteers at the service of the communities in order to transform their environments.

Infrastructure: To have an impact on significant spaces that constitute healthy and dignified environments and environments that enhance the processes of teaching, learning and enjoyment with the implementation of specific activities that generate impact.

Knowledge Exchange: promoting a culture of research, innovation and entrepreneurship with and for the communities.

Consultancies: advice and support in the construction of corporate volunteering actions, projects and programmes as well as their policies.

Collective impact: Creating spaces where different actors, communities, organizations and governments can participate and work towards the same goal. 


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