Community capacity building is the best way to eradicate poverty and build skills that foster sustainability, transformation and quality of life for impacted populations.

Cities are currently on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic and its lasting effects. Around the world, COVID-19 is threatening cities and communities, endangering not only public health, but also the economy and the social fabric.

The concept of Capacity Development is connected to that established by the United Nations Development Programme: "The process by which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the competencies needed to set and achieve their own development goals over time. (United Nations Human Development Programme, 2009)
A citizenship that promotes social transformations and joins efforts for the sustainable development of communities and territories.

We make this possible through two strategic pillars: strategies that seek to promote an empowered, responsible and participatory citizenship that develops civic and democratic habits; and collective actions, fostering meeting spaces that allow us to generate a sense of belonging, to recognize and strengthen the narratives of the city, to recover the sense of this city Eindhoven, to connect with the city, the city of all.
We work on different initiatives for the community, looking for what we have in common, in this case the Expat community, looking for what unites us, what identifies us, what makes us what we are. Through the initiatives we help in the whole process and feel part of the same culture, of the same tradition.

It is synonymous with solidarity, protection, respect for rights and security in the face of adversity. It is knowing that we can count on our neighbours in case of adversity or knowing that we can share our stability by offering a little of what we have.

It refers to the significant relationships that determine particular ways of being, producing, interacting and projecting oneself in the family, community and work environments.

In this sense through our Expat Kids in Eindhoven project we develop different initiatives to Expats community with the children and their families and we direct our efforts in initiatives and activities that:
  • To facilitate the children's process of adapting to this new country.
  • Our activities aim to create a connection between the children and the Dutch city and culture.
  • To build and strengthen the connection between the children and their parents during this period.
  • Activities focused on Intelligence emotional and soft skills. 

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