Love is the main driving force of our organisation. We believe that everything should be done with love. We are "Love makers". We work to spread the love by grace. So every activity, every grocery shop, every action, every sale, every donation however small, is an opportunity to show Kindness and Love.

To foster feelings and attitudes of Human Solidarity in the construction of fair social and economic relations and equal opportunities for women, men and children.

Tolerance that allows all people, regardless of their conditions or differences, to integrate and participate in each of our activities. We respect differences of faith, politics and identity. All at the same table.


Transparency, It is present in all our institutional work and is evident in our accountability, thus promoting greater trust and credibility. We base our work on honesty, mutual responsibility and maximum access to our information. 

We are committed to fulfilling our mission and vision of improving lives in our communities with integrity at the heart of every action we take.


We believe in work and collaboration with other organisations and institutions to improve the performance of our work. We strongly believe in collective impact. 

Excellence, We work to establish outstanding practices in the management of our organisation and the achievement of results based on fundamental concepts that include: quality, continuous improvement and the optimization of our capacities and resources to impact our community, beneficiaries and stakeholders.