Meet Silvia, a remarkable social entrepreneur dedicated to improving lives and making a difference in this world. With a heart full of love and a burning desire to serve others, Silvia has embarked on a journey that is changing lives for the better.

Silvia's passion for transforming lives through the utilization of our gifts and talents is truly inspiring. Having studied political science and international relations, she realized that her purpose in life was rooted in service and love for others. Even as a college student, Silvia dreamt of starting a project, but the path eluded her for many years. However, four years ago, fate led her to a new country, and she felt that the time had come to pursue her long-awaited dream.

As the quarantine unfolded, Silvia recognized the challenges faced by parents in providing entertainment and education to their children at home. In response, she launched Love by Grace Kids, a project aimed at making learning fun and engaging for children during these difficult times. With online activities ranging from science experiments, cooking, dance, and yoga to painting, arts and crafts, and movie sessions, Silvia's project has reached children from various Spanish-speaking countries, as well as English and Dutch-speaking nations.

Silvia's dedication to helping children didn't stop there. Recognizing the needs of her own community in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, she began a project called Expat Kids in Eindhoven. Through a Facebook group, Silvia provides a platform for parents to exchange ideas, discover local resources, and engage in meaningful discussions with experts in various child-related topics. Her efforts have fostered a sense of community and support, benefiting both children and their parents.

In 2020, the city government gave several recognitions to individuals who, during the pandemic, were carrying out beneficial projects for the community in Eindhoven. Silvia was one of the people surprised with an acknowledgement from the municipality for her free activities for children.

The impact of Silvia's work has been so profound that she recently registered SA Love By Grace as a non-profit social organization in the Netherlands. This formal step reflects her unwavering commitment to the causes she champions. Silvia's dedication and full-time involvement in these projects demonstrate her selflessness and passion for making a difference.

After becoming a mother, she experienced a profound shift in perspective and was motivated to improve and enhance the beautiful journey of parenthood for herself and others. With her background in political sciences and international relations, she had previously dedicated many years to social projects focused on children, both within the government and private sectors. Her work involved projects in education, scholarships, infrastructure, and volunteering for foundations that assisted impoverished children.

While she had already obtained a certification as a life coach, her focus had always been geared towards working with children. Thus, she recently pursued and achieved certification in educational emotional intelligence for kids. As her own child began to eat solids, her curiosity and dedication drove her to further explore the subject, leading her to become a Baby Lead Weaning consultant. In September 2023, she completed her certification and embarked on a new journey – a master's program in infant nutrition and coach nutrition for kids.

As a mother and a foreigner living in a different country, she felt a deep sense of responsibility to acquire knowledge and skills to ensure the well-being of her own child, as well as to support her community in promoting positive values and making a significant impact on families' lives.

Silvia believes that love is the essence behind all her endeavors. She views love as the vital ingredient that adds value to everything she does. Silvia understands that love has the power to transform lives and leave an indelible mark on the world. And this is how the families and the community recognize her, as Silvia, the expat mama.

So, won't you join Silvia on this incredible journey? You can become a volunteer, supporting Silvia in her mission to improve the lives of children and adults worldwide. Together, we can spread love, hope, and grace to those who need it most.

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