SA Love by Grace was born with the mission to impact and improve lives. Using gifts and talents given by Grace to accomplish this mission.

We are a non-profit social organization. Working in two main focus:

  • Education
  • Community

Our projects in these three areas are:

  • Education with the project Love by Grace Kids
  • Community with the project Expat Kids in Eindhoven

Each project has different initiatives aimed at strengthening each of them.

Our History 
The organization was born two years ago as a social business project where 50% of the profits were to be invested in a social project for the Wayuu community, due to the pandemic this ideal was transformed and the money was used to support 179 families with groceries. Now 90% of the sales of the products are invested in projects that benefit the communities we work with.

In 2020, during the quarantine year, we start with the next project Love by Grace Kids, free online activities for children, seeking to collaborate in a dynamic and fun way to children's learning. Activities of science, cooking, dance, exercise, yoga for children, painting, arts, crafts, movies, innovation among others. The project currently has a weekly video that aims to reach many more families of Spanish-speaking children living in Europe.

These activities have benefited children from different parts of the Spanish speaking world, but also English and Dutch speaking children.

With this project we have reached the following countries: Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic, USA, Colombia, Argentina.

This project gave rise to the third project Expat Kids in Eindhoven. Wit this we are working in different initiatives To facilitate the children's process of adapting to this new country. Our activities aim to create a connection between the children and the Dutch city and culture. To build and strengthen the connection between the children and their parents during this period. Activities focused on Intelligence emotional
and soft skills.

We currently have a community of about 1800 expat families living in Eindhoven and some new arrivals.

With all this and with the arrival of a new member of our team, a new expat mum is born who executes the activities that we develop in our two projects Love by Grace Kids and Expat Kids in Eindhoven. 



You can be part of this organization either as a volunteer or ambassador or by donating to one of our projects.


Join us officially you can be a volunteer or an ambassador.