5 Mickey Mouse Birthday Centrepiece Ideas

It's party Tuesday at Expat kids in Eindhoven, parents are thinking about what to do for their children's birthday celebrations. One of the themes that never goes out of fashion is Mickey Mouse.
Today I bring you 5 ideas to make sensational centrepieces with different materials for your children's party.
Let's do it!!! 
My  first recommendation Simple Mickey Mouse centerpieces to highlight the prettiest part of the party; use a simple glass vase and add inside it cut China paper in black and red, also add with unicel balls the prettiest part of this craft.

Photo courtesy of Decorfest

My second recommendation is unicel flower pots are super practical when making crafts, you only need to add a little color using red to make the craft more striking and place the number that represents the age of the child to give that super cute style to your centerpiece.

Photo courtesy of Decorfest

My third recommendation is use the trend of flower arrangements and give that special touch to the ornament; use the printed image of this cute little mouse to make the ornament look even more eye-catching. Although it is a design that takes more investment and a little more work, the reality is that it is worth daring to do it.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

My fourth recommendation is to make some pots, put buttons on them, and fill them with the colors of mickey mouse with black and red rubber bands.

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My fifth recommendation is to mix Mickey and Minnie. Many people tend to differentiate between Minnie and Mickey, leaving the latter to the side of children's parties for boys. Although it is common for boys to choose him more, he is also a very popular character for girls. There are many alternatives to Mickey centerpiece ideas. How about this centerpiece idea to make a difference.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I hope you liked the ideas :) See you next time.

See you next time and remember have courage and always be kind. 

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