Carnival holidays with children in Eindhoven - what to do in Eindhoven?

We are on holiday so from expat Kids in Eindhoven I bring you a special selection of recommendations for activities to do in the city this week.

Here we Go!!

The first recomendation is Carnival Holiday 2023 in Desteenuil

Picture from Desteenuil website

Do you want to come and celebrate the Children's Carnival with different activities all week long for the children? This is the programme for the week's activities. 

Wednesday 22-2
11:00 am short Covered wagon ride with the tractor Information at the bar max 35 people. Be on time.
12:00 Pony time!
13:30 Face painting
15:00 Roasting marshmallows
16:30 Feeding with Farmer Willem

Thursday 23-2

11:00 am feeding with Boer Willem
1:00 pm pony time
3:00 pm children's Bingo
4:30 pm feeding with the farmer

Friday 24-2 Farmer Willem has his birthday

11:00 am short covered wagon ride with the tractor Registration at the bar max 35 people. Be on time.
13:00 Making popcorn over our campfire
14:30 Children's bingo
15:30 Feeding with the birthday farmer Willem

Saturday 25-2
10:30 am –Crafts
1:00 pm Face painting
3:00 pm Pony time
4:00 pm feeding with the farmer
6:00 pm illuminated gnome tour

Sunday 26-2
11:00 short Covered wagon ride with the tractor Registration at the bar max 35 people. Be on time.

13:00 crafting all kinds
1500 hours marshmallow roasting over the fire
16:00 feeding with farmer Willem

My second recomendation is Storytelling Theatre: The cutest princess in the pea Language Dutch at the Eindhoven Biblioteek 

Picture from Eindhoven Bibliotheek website

Come enjoy Annie's stories! She tells the story of the princess and the pea and you can join in! For toddlers, parents and grandparents. Prince Johan has everything his heart desires. His servants are always ready to do anything for him. They can't do one thing for him and that's make his heart beat faster for a girl.But that girl Johan wants is not just any girl. He just wants a real princess!

Annie goes on a journey with Prince Johan, all over the world, in search of that one girl. Are you looking? This activity is intended for children up to 6 years old. Reserve a free ticket for yourself as a parent/carer and buy a paid ticket separately for your

 Next recommendation is Children's day Evoluon "Everything is dreaming, dreaming is everything"
Picture from Evoluon website

On Wednesday 22 February, Next Nature and publisher Kluitman are organizing a children's day in the Evoluon. Writer and philosopher Stine Jensen will be presenting her new book Everything is dreaming, dreaming is everything and children can participate in the treasure hunt through the RetroFuture exhibition. Presenter and author Bart Meijer presents the day.
During this children's day we offer children in an accessible way tools to think about the future. It's fun to look back at how people thought about the future in the past. Did those predictions come true? Visitors to the exhibition during the children's day can discover what is possible in fifty, a hundred or a thousand years and talk about their dreams for the future.

We continue with Krokuscasteel in Helmond Picture from Helmond Castle website

This nicest castle outing in Helmond offers the most fun activities. This way you can search in the castle cellar and if you get all the questions right, you will be knighted by lord of the castle Jan van Berlaer. Always fun to take a picture of.

 Our next recommendation is Museum Kids Factory at Philips Museum 

Picture from Philips Museum website
This is a craft workshop for children. Children get to work and get acquainted with mechanics and (for older children) simple electronics. Children can also have their name printed on the 3D printer.
The younger children (5 to 7 years old) can do crafts with various materials, glue gun and 3D pen. The older children (8 to 12 years) are also allowed to solder, saw and drill.
The workshop is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years. Some tools, especially the soldering table, are only accessible to older children (from 8 years old).

 And my last recommendation for now is Especially for children at Motion

Picture from Motion website

Here will be a Time of extra fun for them! For example, crazy creatures can be seen on walls, the Imagination Experience has been transformed into a digital activity square and you can order kid-proof drinks & sweets in the lounge. Kids Time is every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday morning.

 See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

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