Spreading Love by Grace! Help Limburg Now

"What affects one directly, affects all indirectly" Today I start this article with this quote from Martin Luther King.

In the last few days the country has been affected in the Limburg area by heavy rains and floods that have put entire families in distress, many have lost everything.

Yesterday I contacted several expatriate organizations in the Limburg region and some community groups who have organized themselves to help in this tragedy.

I have been able to see how people from all over the country have mobilized to help the affected people in the area.

There have been overnight shelters for entire families, shelters for animals that have been affected, people who have turned their kitchens into kitchens for those affected, cooking and taking them to the affected areas. Places have been opened as collection centers.

Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing and we want to join you. Our essence is to spread the love by Grace and our Expat Kids in Eindhoven project is no stranger to that.

Today I would like to invite you to join us in spreading that love for Grace in the Limburg community that needs us.

Donations are in kind, we are not accepting money, we are just being a donation receiving center which we will organize, and next week we will bring to the area.
Items needed:
❣️ Toiletries for adults and babies.
❣️ Clothes for young and old, shoes, socks, underwear.
❣️ Food and things for animals.
❣️ Duvets, blankets, pillows.
❣️ Toys for children.
❣️ You can help as a volunteer and help share this.

One of the mothers and her child who are part of our community has set up a space where we will collect all donations.
To be part of this you can send me an email to silviaardilalovebygrace@gmail.com or Expatkidsineindhoven@gmail.com

Remember always Have courage and be Kind

With Love, 

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