Stichting SA Love by Grace

Family Day Summer


After our first meeting, we decide to have our second meeting before of leaving for holiday. We would like to invite you to Join us for a wonderful Family Fun Day, games, children’s entertainment , music, food, fun, and much, much more! we will share as a group and celebrate together 

our activities will be 🎨🎼🥇🎂

  1. yoga in the park
  2. game "pin the tail on the donkey
  3. the pineapple of emotions
  4. family game of lasso
  5. family memory game

we will have cake to share typical food dishes from assisting countries to share. 
Hour: 11am until 17:00.

This activity is free of charge, but registration is required for logistics, like the games.

So there's no reason to stay at home, let's sign up and don't miss out.
We're committed to running great activities that children and parents will love.

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