In a world that often separates generations and does not appreciate the wisdom and creativity of the young and old, the project "Let's Bring Colour to Our City" in Eindhoven breaks barriers and bridges the gap. This inspiring initiative brings children and older adults together to create beautiful works of art, using their emotions and feelings about their beloved city as inspiration. In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition, it is clear that this project is more than just art; it is a celebration of unity, connection, and the power of artistic expression.

The idea behind "Let's Bring Colour to Our City" is simple but profound. By providing children and older adults with a platform to express themselves through art, the project aims to promote understanding between generations and stimulate emotional well-being. The program is designed to encourage participants to explore their feelings and experiences, channeling them into vibrant, thoughtful artistic creations that reflect their shared love for Eindhoven.

Over the past few months, children and older adults have worked together in workshops, shared stories, learned about emotions, and exchanged ideas. Through this process, they have developed a close bond and realized that despite generational differences, they have common dreams and aspirations for their city. These interactions have provided valuable opportunities for older adults to pass on their wisdom, while children have brought new perspectives and ideas to the table. Together, they have formed a strong partnership, combining their unique insights and artistic talents to create meaningful works of art.

The diversity of the artworks is awe-inspiring. Vibrant buildings, sculptures, and paintings all reflect the emotions and feelings experienced by both age groups. The children embrace their limitless creativity, using vivid colors, unique techniques, and imaginative symbolism to convey their hopes and dreams for Eindhoven. On the other hand, the older adults bring a sense of nostalgia and wisdom, filling their art with stories about the city's history and sharing their deep-rooted connection to the past and present. It is truly an engaging collaboration that breathes life into the streets of Eindhoven.

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming exhibition, as the project aims to showcase the beautiful artworks created during the workshops. Residents and visitors of Eindhoven are encouraged to attend, as it is an opportunity for the community to witness firsthand the profound impact of intergenerational collaboration. By providing a canvas for self-expression, "Let's Bring Colour to Our City" aims to inspire the residents of Eindhoven and remind them of the importance of nurturing connections and opening avenues of communication between generations.

This project is more than just showcasing brushstrokes and vibrant colors. It is a celebration of unity and the power that lies in diversity. "Let's Bring Colour to Our City" sends a powerful message: that when we come together and embrace each other's differences, we can truly create something extraordinary.

Through the incredible artworks created by the children and older adults, the residents of Eindhoven are reminded of the richness and beauty of their city's heritage and its future potential.

In a time that sometimes creates barriers between generations, the "Let's Bring Colour to Our City" project is a beacon of hope and inspiration for communities worldwide. It reminds us that we can all make a valuable contribution, regardless of age, and that art has the power to unite us all. As we look forward to the upcoming exhibition, let us cherish and celebrate the collaboration of our children and older adults as they bring their emotions and feelings to life on canvas, representing our beloved city in the most vibrant and heartwarming way."

We are thrilled to announce that our project, "Let's Bring Colour to Our City," has been selected to participate in the prestigious ZorgSaamWonen Award 2023. We are even more excited to be the only project from Eindhoven to have been chosen and to be representing our amazing city. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all the families and children who have been a part of this project, as well as the grandparents and individuals from Berckelhofankerpuntvoordewijk in Eindhoven. We would also like to thank the dedicated volunteers who have been instrumental in making this project a success.


We recently received the fantastic news that we have been nominated alongside three other projects, and we will have the opportunity to present our project in a seminar on October 4th. Following the presentation, the jury will make their decision and announce the winner. Please keep your fingers crossed for us as we compete for this esteemed recognition.