Why Love by Grace?

I believe the most important ingredient to do anything in our life is Love. This will always be the power that will enable us to bring value to life. Love is and will always be stamped in every detail made by our hands to honor all the gift and talents received by Grace. We are Love! We are Grace!

Silvia Ardila Love by Grace is a conscious project, a craftmanship that combines fashion and social impact. We are committed to the Objectives of Sustainable Development. We deeply understand our role to work with focus on each of the 17 goals, to offer our new generations a sustainable future.

In this way, our strategy in the business model is oriented to contribute in the fulfillment of the objectives.


In line with our activity, Silvia Ardila Love by Grace focuses on non-poverty (goal 1), gender equality (goal 5), decent work and economic growth (goal 8) and responsible consumption and production. To this end,we created her long-term business plan. 


In addition, Silvia Ardila Love by Grace contributes directly to the achievement of Zero Hunger (goal 2), good health and well-being (goal 3), quality education (goal 4), drinking water and sanitation (goal 6) and affordable and clean energy (goal 7). Therefore, 50% of our profits go to social projects in two lines:

- Community development: education, nutrition, specific activities, water and energy.
- Health

We are born out of the desire to transform lives. This is why in this first step, we are working with the indigenous Wayuu tribe of Colombia. From the Wayuu people manufacturing the products, to the consumers experiencing the value and love reflected by these products -- it is all supporting the most disadvantaged families among the Wayuu in Guajira, Colombia. In collaboration with the Wayuu women, Silvia Ardila Love by Grace proposes new and unique designs and applies new material to enhance their beauty and convert them into unique pieces of art. With this, we like to enhance the lives of all those involved. The principles of transparency and respect for our artisans lead our process.

Our business model is based on the theory of social added value, and we do it in two ways.

1.When we buy the mochila from the artisans
2. After selling the product, we will donate 50% of our profits to invest in the social projects of the artisans

With this, we specifically seek to improve the quality of life of the women and children of these communities.





We want to preserve the heritage of Latin American culture. On this line we promote the preservation of the Wayuu weave, their heritage and their relationship with the wisdom, transmitted from generation to generation by the Wayuu women.

We work only on collections. With this we try not to have overproduction, being conscious and respectful with the environment. In addition to this each collection has the purpose of supporting a social project along the lines explained above. At this moment our first collection, has the objective of bringing electricity to a community around Maicao, Guajira, through solar panels.

The money is not our first goal. Instead, our first goal is to positively impact the life of the communities. Silvia Ardila love by grace is working to be part of the “revolution through small things”. The Love for others is the essence of Silvia Ardila Love by Grace.

But we will not stop there. When our business reaches a sustainable level, we hope to work with more families and vulnerable communities that are living in this challenging part of the world. We will share our LOVE with them as they are doing through the creation of these lovely pieces of art, that we here call products.

If you want to know more about this, you can follow in our blog, YouTube channel, podcast and social network. And of course you can contact us!