Recommendations for playgrounds in Eindhoven

We are looking forward to the holidays with our children.
For those of you who are staying in the city and are thinking about what activities to do or places to visit to have fun with the kids.

Taking advantage of the fact that the weather will be good and that children love and need to play outdoors, with all this in mind you can't miss these recommendations of outdoor parks in our city.

With this in mind, today I bring you 9 playgrounds that you can visit in the city and spend some playtime with your children that will surely become your main happy places.

These recommendations are in different parts of the city which gives you the opportunity to decide or maybe take a tour and visit them all. 
Let's start


After my first list with 10 playgrounds in our city Eindhoven, I received several messages from our Expat Kids in Eindhoven parents who gave us other places to visit with our children so today I add these new places to our list of recommendations. Thanks to these parents for reading and keeping in touch.


1. Speelpark de Splinter
Picture from Facebook Page Splinter Park 
Splinter's Speelpark is an outdoor playground in and around Eindhoven. Children up to the age of 12 have space to play safely and wonderfully. Literally, because the playground of the Henri Dunantpark in Woensel-Noord is the size of seven football pitches. It has different play equipment, a construction corner, a petting zoo, a pirate ship, two playgrounds and two toddler pools.
There are cabanas with tables where parents can stay and share with their family or other parents.
Where: Fred van Hoek, Roeselarepad 14, 5628 NE Eindhoven
2. Speeltuinvereniging Philipsdorp
Picture from website speeltuinphilipsdorp
The playground has an area of approximately 7500 square metres and is completely fenced.
The playground is characterised by a good overview, which is especially appreciated by parents with small children. From the terrace you have a view of the whole area.
A separate part of the playground is designed for the little ones.
Here you will find seesaws, swings for toddlers, merry-go-rounds and the sandpit for small children with the playground.
Crossing the wide walkway you reach the "territory" of the older kids
for older children, with a variety of climbing and sliding equipment.
Next to the terrace is the large sandpit where big and small play together. As you move away from the terrace, you come to the equipment for the older children.
Where: Anthony van Leeuwenhoeklaan 30 5612PB, Eindhoven
3.Speeltuin 't Hool
Picture from google map 
This park is located in a neighbourhood, it has several games to enjoy with the little ones.
Where: t Hool, 5625 AH Eindhoven
4.Kruisstraat Childrens Park
Picture from google map 
This park is also located in a neighbourhood, it has several games to enjoy with the little ones.
Where: Hemelrijken, 5612 WN Eindhoven
5.Speeltuin Vonderkwartier
Picture from google map 
This park is also located in a neighbourhood, it has several games to enjoy with the little ones.
Where: Eliasterrein Vonderkwartier, 5616 TC Eindhoven
6. Meerland Park  Meerhoven
Picture from google map 
It won the Dirk Roosenburg architecture and public award. Meerland is a landscape park with a size of 60 hectares, comparable to more than 100 football fields. The design of the park is inspired by the English landscape style and is full of surprises. Characteristic of the park are the hills and slopes with beautiful views, forests and wide grass plains, large water features and winding fens. Three elliptical meadows are located centrally in the park. There are two pastures where cows graze. The third meadow is the playground. On this large playground, residents can organize activities together. This ensures liveliness in the park.
Where: 5658 Meerhoven, Netherlands
7. Speeltuin Nellie
Picture from google map 
This park is also located in a neighbourhood, it has several games to enjoy with the little ones.
Where:5616 EC Eindhoven
8. Eigenwijs Kinderboerderij Philips van Lenneppark
Picture from google map 
In the Philips van Lenneppark you will find the nicest petting zoo in Eindhoven: the Own Wise Farm .On the farm you will find farm cats, chicks, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, lambs, pigs, peacocks, bees, bats, donkeys and (if we're lucky) storks. And much more! Sometimes there are also turtles and alpacas.
Where:Oude Vensedijk 5 5652 RT
9. The Genneper Hoeve
Picture from google map 
Just in the middle of the city of Eindhoven on Landgoed Gennep is the Genneper Hoeve. A city farm with beautiful red-and-white dairy cows, a cheese factory, chickens, pigs and horticulture. You can walk freely on their farm and experience daily how they, in this beautiful historic stream valley landscape, produce food for you of a very high quality.
Where:Tongelreeppad 1 5644RZ Eindhoven
Remember that if you decide to go on an outdoor adventure with your little ones, don't forget water for hydration, snacks, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and antibacterial gel.
I hope you enjoy these nine recommendations and I hope you find them useful.
Remember you can comment and share your experiences.
11.The Sint Joseph playground
Picture from Sint Josep playground web 
The Sint Joseph playground is also called the Grandpa Playground by the children from Doornakkers.
With more than 50 devices, they are one of the largest playgrounds in the Eindhoven area. There are devices for young and old. For the younger children among us they have a nice toddler play area. The devices that they have spread throughout the playground are suitable for ages between 0 and 12 years.
The association was founded in 1945 by the residents of this district and until now it is still the residents of this district, that maintain the association. The playground is located in the middle of the Doornakkers residential area and is a  fenced outdoor play area supervised by a babysitter (grandpa).
They open in seasons throughout the year and are expected to open between May and June. 
Where:Sint Joseph Speeltuin- Sint Josephlaan 1 5642 Eindhoven
12. Hazewinkel
Picture from foursquare web 
This play ground is located between Eindhoven and Veldhoven. It is perfect with its playground for children and parents to have fun.
Where:Sondervick, Veldhoven
Picture from Klimrijk web
Klimrijk Brabant guarantees fun in the woods with respect for nature. The courses are built without causing damage to the trees or the environment. Platforms are now even being placed in the climbing forest that grow with the trees. 
Where:Turfweg 9, Veldhoven
14. Kabouterdorp
Picture from  Kabouterdorp web
Playground association Kabouterdorp was founded in 1961 and has been providing educational recreation for children from Veldhoven and the surrounding area for 60 years. The playground has 30 playground equipment, 3 jeu de boules courts and an 18-hole miniature golf course.
In their club building De Paddenstoel, children do crafts at the hobby club during the winter months.
The Kabouterdorp playground also organizes various activities such as a children's carnival, 2 evening openings, 1 theme day, Sinterklaas party, Easter egg hunt and the Halloween parade.
Annual visits outside the 400 families (members), also more than 10,000 visitors to the playground. The playground offers space for school trips, outings for primary schools, playgroups and youth associations.
There are more than 60 volunteers who ensure that all activities of the playground association can take place. Such as: supervision in the playground, maintenance in the playground and hobby management.
They open in seasons throughout the year and are expected to open in April. 
Where: Broekweg 105 5502 BA Veldhoven
15. Geenhoven Playground
Picture from Geenhoven web
Outdoor play area with lots of play equipment such as swings, climbing frames, slides, rope bridge and many more.
Where:Hoppenbrouwers 15 5552SB Valkenswaard
16. Dekievit Playground
Picture from Dekievit web
Playground de Kievit is located in the Kerkstraat in the center of Nuenen and is run entirely by volunteers .
For the little ones there is a sandpit, a small slide, see-saws and baby swings. For the older children there is a bird's nest swing, for the daredevils a very high slide and trampolines, for the sporty types there are 2 panna fields (for a real tournament!) and much more. There are 40 playground equipment in total.
The playground has a 30 cm deep paddling pool. Of course, the water is tested daily and meets the government standard.
The playground has a disabled toilet and a baby changing table. Please put diapers in the diaper bin at toilets.
They open in seasons throughout the year and are expected to open in April. 
Where:Kerkstraat 10 5671 GP Nuenen
See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

With love

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