Recommendations Dentist for kids in Eindhoven

Taking care of children's mouth and teeth is very important from the time they have teeth.
Regular visits to the pediatric dentist help to identify and prevent dental problems that may affect the child. In addition, the visits educate the child to practice correct hygiene techniques. In this way we all learn to maintain good oral health.
That's why today I  bring you  recommendations of dentists in and around the city. 
Let's start with our first recommendation  Tanndar tspraktijk

They offer extra care and attention to children within dental practice Eindhoven. In pediatric dentistry, the right approach leads to the best results. The right approach to treating children often leads to very good results. Their oral health professionals can reassure the child through (anxiety) coaching and explain a treatment to the child in his/her own language, so that the children gain confidence in the treatment. Such as a six-monthly check-up, a cleaning instruction, a layer of lacquer, but also the filling of a hole. It is of course best to focus on prevention (the prevention of cavities).

Christmas Rose Avenue 2

5644 EA Eindhoven


We continue with  Tandartsen-cassandraplein

As a guideline, the KIMO Oral Care for Young People recommends that children see a dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in. But why is it so important now? Join or visit them to find out the 5 reasons why it's so important.

Cassandraplein 52

5631 BB Eindhoven


 As a third recommendation we have  Tandartsenpraktijkt T.G KHO

Children deserve a good approach by the dentist. It is always exciting to climb into the chair with someone you don't know well.
All dentists in the practice have children in the chair every day. One of them is dentist Mrs. Svetlana Butina. She has a passion for working with children. She gives advice on how to care for your child's primary teeth and has a friendly approach to the treatment of cavities in children.

Leenhoffstraat 20

5623 BP Eindhoven 

We move on to our fourth recommendation which is  Tandheelkundig Centrum Blixembosch

They are a modern group practice with all disciplines in-house. They are dentists who practice general dentistry. 5 dentists work in their practice, including a dental implantologist, 3 dental hygienists and 2 prevention assistants.
There also a dental laboratory located at their practice. They strive for quality and want to work with you on a good relationship in which your oral health comes first.


5629 PT Eindhoven

We end with Dental More in Meerhoven

Their dentists and hygienists can calmly gain the child's trust, reassure the child and explain everything in his language so that it remains clear to the child. Their focus is on the prevention of cavities.

Just Cool is a caries prevention method (method to prevent cavities) for every individual child from 0 to 18 years and his parents/carers. The prevention method allows parent and child to see what their own influence is on the development and especially the prevention of caries.

If you brush your teeth well and have a sensible consumption pattern, you can keep your teeth intact! Recent scientific research in the Netherlands (Dr. Erik Vermaire 2013) shows that the Just Cool method can lead to 70% fewer cavities.

The dentist, dental hygienist or prevention assistant draws up a plan for each child to prevent dental problems. This is of course discussed with parents and carer.

Lake water 12
5658 LM Eindhoven

I hope these recommendations are helpful, please don't forget to clean your teeth, I will soon bring you an article about oral hygiene in children.

See you in the next article. 






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