Typical Dutch food

In our new country Holland you will find a number of typical dishes that tell the story of Dutch families.

Today I bring you some of the most traditional and famous Dutch dishes.

  1. Poffertjes

Probably one of the most famous Dutch dishes, Poffertjes are small pancakes, baked in an iron skillet, and traditionally served with melted butter and dusted with icing sugar. You can enjoy these all year round, but Christmas and New Year are typically the best times to have them.

The best way to eat them is from a street food van on a cold winter's night, wrapped up warm and cozy against the chill. They are usually served on paper plates with plastic forks, making a very informal but delicious snack.


  1. Hollandse nieuwe haring

Pickled fish always seems to be somewhat controversial in the UK. You may try a dish once or twice, but not one that typically makes it to the dinner table of many homes. This is very different in northern Europe, where pickled fish is much more common.

Haring is translated to ‘Scoused Herrings', and is raw herring coated in a preserving liquid, made of vinegar, spices, and cider. They're usually eaten as a snack and are often served on their own, or with onions.


  1. Erwtensoep

A lot of Dutch dishes have their time to shine during Christmas and New Year time, and Erwtensoep is no different. This is a split pea soup, much thicker than our version. You could always add more stock if you want to make it thinner, but then it wouldn't technically be the traditional soup that the Dutch love so much.

It is often served on New Year's Day; probably the best thing to have if you're feeling a little delicate. But you can have it on any cold evening, to warm your soul.


  1. Bitterballen

If you need a little something to eat before a big night out, Bitterballen is an obvious choice for the Dutch. Similar to a scotch egg, they are balls of finely chopped beef or veal that are seasoned with a mixture of spices, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried.

They are part of a spread of food known as bittergarnituur, which basically means ‘garnish for bitters'. They are usually enjoyed with a pint or two of beer, so head to the coziest Dutch pub you can find and start snacking.


 5. Stroopwafel

Two baked waffles with caramel syrup filling in the middle will definitely make you want to eat another and then another. The caramel flavour is the traditional one, but today's Stroopwafel has more flavours and toppings.

6. Kroket
Kroket are toasted, for many the taste is very similar to bitterballen, but in the shape of a cylinder. It is usually prepared with beef, potatoes and peas.

7. Kibbeling
Kibbeling Kroket Kibbeling is a dish made of fried pieces of fish, which can be cod or hake; it has an exceptional taste, and in Dutch cuisine, Kibbeling is one of the most popular dishes. It is usually served with fried potatoes and, in addition, a little gravy to spread on each bite.



8. Oliebollen
This sweet treat is only available in winter (December and January). They are fried dumplings coated in icing sugar and served hot. 

Now that you know about typical Dutch dishes. You can try to make them at home together with the little ones. Enjoy
Soon I will bring you which are the Dutch dishes that children love the most.

See you soon

Remember to always be kind and be brave.

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