Cherry Blossom Tree where to visit in Eindhoven?

Spring is here and every year for this season in the Netherlands we find a series of events and activities that lead us to enjoy it with our families.

One of those events that many people look forward to is the blooming of the cherry or sakura trees to take pictures with our children and enjoy these sunny days together with them.

So today I want to show you several places in the city of Eindhoven where you can find some trees. Also if you have the opportunity we show you two cities that you can visit and experience the cherry trees.

But before we start I want to tell you a little bit about this tree and its importance in Japanese culture. The sakura (桜 or さくら) or Japanese cherry blossom is one of the best known symbols of Japanese culture. Three species of plants of the genus Prunus are also called sakura.

The sakura (cherry blossom) is for the Japanese a special flower, whose influence has spread through every corner of their lives, throughout history, in culture, arts and cuisine.

Here are five fun facts about cherry blossoms

1. The number of petals give the flowers their names
Flowers that have five petals (or less) are known as hitoe, while those that have between five and 10 petals are called hanyae. If the flowers have more than 10 petals they are called yae.

2. Japan is home to a 2,000-year-old sakura tree
It's the oldest cherry blossom tree in Japan and can be found at the Jissou Temple in Yamanashi Prefecture. Called the Jindai Zakura, this mighty sakura tree has a huge root circumference of 13.5 metres.

3. The petals and leaves are eaten
The petals and leaves are first soaked in a salt solution, in a process known as shiozuke to produce sakurazuke - the name for the edible leaves and petals.

4. Blossom tea is also popular in Japan
Sakurazuke leaves can also be put in hot water to create a cherry blossom tea. As the leaf diffuses into the water and infuses it with colour, it gives it a beautiful pink hue and delicate flavour. The tea is often drunk on special occasions, such as weddings.

5. The trees actually produce cherries
Coming out in the summer after the blooms have disappeared, the trees' small, sour tasting cherries aren't edible for humans - but birds love to snack on them

Now let's continue with the places in the city where you can go to enjoy this beautiful gift of nature. 


  • Generaal de Famarslaan, 5623 PV 
  • Koninginnestraat, Geldrop
  • Bouvigne, 5653 LE Eindhoven
  • Ggze parc
  • Heemweg, Veldhoven 

In our city you won't find a park or a place with a lot of trees. The addresses mentioned above have one or two trees.

But if you want to see a place full of cherry trees we invite you to visit the cherry tree park in Amsterdam. There are 400 cherry trees in the Blossom Park.


  • Doorweg 32, 1182 DB Amstelveen, Netherlands

Another town that gives you the option of walking or cycling is Betuwe, where you can discover the beautiful Erichem countryside. Walk through meadows, along ditches, through a vineyard and through the town of Betuwe, Buren. The tranquillity, the small scale and the combination of culture and nature.


  • Klompenpad Blossom Tour - 10/13 km
  • Betuwe Cherry Route - 64


 Now that you have the information, it's time to schedule the day and go out and enjoy the beautiful weather with the little ones. Don't forget your camera to capture the best moments. 

See you in the next article

Remember to be kind and always be brave


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