5 children's party trend ideas for 2021

Today is party Tuesday in our Facebook group expat kids in Eindhoven, today I want to bring you 5 party ideas to do with your kids at home. These 5 trendy themed party ideas will be hyper fun for your kids.

The first recommendation is from the Trolls, it was a success of the Trolls World Tour last year and is still going strong this 2021.
It can be prepared with lots of different coloured paper to get the bright colors and hugs going. You can do hair play activities and spike it up with pretty party headbands, colorful photo backdrops, make full color cupcakes, paint trolls and of course lots of dancing and singing.

My second recommendation is a Bubble Lab Brunch, A morning party with brunch items and the kids' bubbles is a wonderful and perfect combination. Offer cupcakes, muffins, mini sandwiches, mini pancakes, fruits you can also do activities to make animal shapes with the fruits and toast with funny faces and let the kids go crazy to create a bubble lab space, place where you can teach how to make bubbles and play with them you can also teach how to paint with colorful bubbles.

The third recommendation is Pokemon, let's play Detective Pikachu
The new Detective Pikachu movie has brought Pokemon back into fashion. So it's time to organize your theme party with the beloved pikachu character and don't forget all the fun Pokeballs and gift bags, you can set up a detective game at home, create a case and put the kids to work on the case as detectives, leave clues around the house and enjoy.

My fourth recommendation is to have a late party, it's perfect for younger children or those who are not ready to make the leap to an all-night sleepover.
You can have it around dinner time or earlier i.e. all afternoon. You can plan fun 'late night' activities, such as karaoke, chair dancing, choreography, glow-in-the-dark games, outdoor games that can be played in the dark or even crafts such as making swords and crowns.

The last recommendation Mad Scientist
Kids will love being hands-on at this science-themed party. Buy and hand out lab coats and safety goggles, drink from beakers and do experiments like volcano, bottle rockets, blow up balloons (outdoors, of course!) If you want more ideas, let me know and I'll be happy to help you with different experiments or check out the party themes or DIY activities where I show simple activities to do at home.Soon I will be showing you different simple written activities to do at home perfect for your party. 

Stay tuned to the articles I bring you information and activities to do with children.

Always remember have courage and be kind.

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