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Hello!!! My name is Silvia, I am a social entrepreneur. Passionate about seeing lives transformed by using the gifts and talents that were given to us in the service of others being the engine of all Love. 

I studied political science and international relations . This helped me to strengthen my dream of putting my gifts and talents at the service of others and finding the purpose of my life based on service and love for others.

You know that since I was in college about 19 years ago I had the idea of this project but I never found the way to start, I thought that this was impossible and I always had an excuse.

Two years ago my heart brought me to this country and I felt that everything was ready to work on a dream that I had been waiting for years,  Silvia Love by Grace materialized, a project with which I started a social enterprise where 50% of the profits would be invested in a social project for the Wayuu community, due to the pandemic this was transformed and the money went to support 179 families with food. 


Since the quarantine and thinking about how to help, I started a new project Love by Grace Kids, this project was born with the desire to contribute to this moment of quarantine, looking to collaborate in a dynamic and fun way to the children learning.

Due to the current situation, the recreation of children has become a real challenge for parents. What can we do with the children at home? This is the question that many parents ask every day and through this project we want to help them in those moments.

Online activities around the world: The activities that are developed with the children are easy to implement and require materials that are easily found in each home. Love by Grace rescues the love of grace, in these hard times for many, using our gifts and talents to reach out with love to children and their mums.

Science Activities,Cooking, Dance, exercises and Yoga for Children, Painting, Arts, Art craft, movies and much more. These activities had benefit children from different parts of the Spanish speaking world, but also children's who speak English and Dutch. Children from countries like Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic, United States, Colombia, Argentina.


Now we have the page and in it we make different live videos where we invite experts in different children's topics. Topics such as parenting, food, health and much more. The response has been amazing and now I continue with the activities and I have open a YouTube channel teaching the activities in different languages.

After of this I was wondering what about my community in Eindhoven Netherlands was how born another project I called Expat Kids in Eindhoven. I started with a facebook group, In the Facebook group, every week I share ideas in the group where to buy clothes, ideas of kids parties, and also a place to have birthdays party, where to go to eat with the kids, and also share easy ideas, easy activities at home with the kids through a video with memories of my other group @lovebygracekids, also every Thursday I have experts around the world by Facebook live in different topics for kids, topic such as parenting, bullying, reading create activities for your kids, healthy food, dyslexia, finances, gentle punishments, and more topics. I have booked all this month with the experts, and two Saturdays on the month I have a Facebook live to speak with an expert in toddlers with different topics to help the parents with the little :). Now also I created the session " Expat Kids be the Blogger" where every Thursday one of our ex-pat kids and family share their visit experience in one place here in Eindhoven or around the city and every Friday I have Learning Dutch, currently the group have 913 members and this also help me to support promoting local shops, local entrepreneurs, local restaurants, and local projects :).




All this led me to reevaluate the concept of social entrepreneurship and now I would like to be able to register as a social organization. All my time is dedicated to these activities, and my work has been free and full time for the last two years. 

My dream is to be able to register as a foundation, and in this way be able to work to acquire donations in kind and in money to invest them directly in each of the projects to certificate this donations and help me to cover more communities over the world.  

 This is the link:

My next goals in my foundation are: 

1. Generate energy through solar panels for the community of Sarramana around of Maicao Guajira.

2. Contribution to the construction of the first early childhood center on the island of Tierra Bomba Bolivar.

3. Acquire 600 school kits for the Wayuu children from different communities around Maicao Guajira. 

4. Location of the Expat Kids club center in Eindhoven. 

5. Free online activities and purchase of materials for the children in different organizations, hospitals and remote locations around the world from Love by grace kids . 

Today I want to invite you to be part of this dream. Help me to officially become a foundation, so that will help me to improve the lives of children and adults around the world with this projects and other new. With your donation I will be able to do it . 

This is the link:

Also, if you have interest with a contribution, you can do it, we are always doing activities with our communities, this COVID-19 times make the situations a bit more complicated for some communities, so we are trying to offer groceries.

Join me to officially you can be volunteer or ambassador, so you will help me to improve the lives of children and adults around the world with this projects and other new.

Love is the main component in this dream, I think the most important ingredient to do anything in our life is LOVE. This will always be the power that will allow us to bring value to life. LOVE is and will always be stamped in every detail made by our hands to honor all the gifts and talents received by GRACE.

 With Love

Silvia A.

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