5 movies you can buy online to watch with the kids

The holidays are almost upon us, and what activities can we do with our children during the holidays come to mind?
With this in mind, today I bring you 5 movie ideas that you can organize at home or in the garden to have a movie time with your children and enjoy some family time together.
Before we start I would like to remind you why it is important to have these spaces as a family? Spending quality time as a family is of great importance for children, because from this strengthened bond there is a healthy emotional development, greater stability, security and they learn to build relationships with other people.

So don't forget !!!! This is a great idea to have that space in the family.

Now let's start the recommendations.  

My first recommendation is The Gruffalo's Daughter
Adaptation of a literary work of the same name, whose main character is a mouse that overcomes the dangers of the forest with his cunning. In its second part, 'La hija del Grúfalo' (The Gruffalo's Daughter), parental-filial relationships are addressed, as the gruffalo must face his daughter's need to explore on her own.

The second recommendation is Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie DreamWorks film adaptation that brings to the big screen the collection of children's books starring the mischievous Jorge and Berto. In it, two elementary school children who love comics dedicate themselves to painting and drawing comics whose central character is 'Captain Underpants'. One day, accidentally, they hypnotize the principal of their school, causing his transformation into the same Captain Underpants of their crazy comics.

My Third recommendation is Capture the Flag From the same director of 'The Adventures of Tadeo Jones', this time 'Catch the Flag' is a space adventure in which Richard Carson, an ambitious billionaire, wants to appropriate the Earth's satellite and exploit the clean and real energy source of the future, Helium 3. To do this, he must erase from history the feat of the Apollo XI astronauts and their famous first steps on the moon, something that 40% of the world's population believes to be a lie. And the only one who can stop him from getting away with it is a friendly and determined twelve-year-old surfer, Mike Goldwing. With the help of his friends, the geeky Marty, the future journalist Amy and a small lizard with aspirations of being Godzilla, they travel to the Moon accompanied by Mike's grandfather, a former astronaut who has been estranged from his family for years.

My Fourth recommendation is The Lunnis and the Great Fairy Tales Adventure The latest film set in the universe of the Lunnis has as its protagonist little Mar, who along with the popular dolls must save the book where all the stories of the world live. Along the way, they will meet characters from stories and legends, real and animated... And together they will discover the importance of reading.

My Fifth recommendation is Ted en de schat The first film by Spanish director Enrique Gato stars a very peculiar Indiana Jones: a construction worker who lives in Chicago, but has an adventurous and dreamy spirit. One day he is mistaken for a popular archaeologist and sent to Peru to carry out a tough mission. There he will have to stop an organization of thieves who are dedicated to stealing treasures and, on this occasion, they intend to loot a mythical Inca city that has just been discovered.

It's time to go and get the films, tidy up the garden or the living room, create a film room.... Don't forget the popcorn... And enjoy with the kids.... 

I hope this information is helpful to you and your babies. See you in a future article.

Remember have courage and be kind

With Love, 

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