Baby cloth nappies. What are they and where to buy them.

In the past, many mothers used Baby cloth nappies, before the advent of disposable cellulose nappies. Today, more and more mums are opting for cloth nappies because they are an environmentally friendly and more economical option in the long run.

Cloth nappies are cost-effective as they can be reused, simply clean them with water and neutral soap, avoiding bleach and detergents, which can damage the cotton that is in direct contact with the baby's delicate skin.

When choosing the type of nappy it is important to consider the following parts of a cloth nappy: Absorbent + Cover (+ Lining).

There is a wide variety of cloth nappies on the market today. Today I bring you some of the types of nappies you will find.

Two-piece: In this case, the absorbent and the cover are separate pieces, so it will always be necessary to put two elements on the baby at each nappy change.

All-in-one refillable: The nappy combines the waterproof cover and the liner. It therefore requires absorbent pads to retain the wee-wee.

All-in-one: As the name suggests, these nappies combine the absorbent, the cover and, optionally, the liner in one piece, making them as practical to use as a disposable.
Today I bring you 5 shops where you can buy these, so let's get started. 

My first recommendation is happynaps built on the philosophy of true sustainability. Human well-being and survival inherently depend upon the health of Earth’s natural systems. By changing from disposable diapers to Happy Naps you can reduce your carbon footprint with 40%. Their prints are inspired by nature to enhance the beauty of our planet and to raise awareness on this important matter.

One thing I really like about this site is that it helps you to understand everything about these disposable diapers. Check out their website.

My second recommendation is bambinomio, this company was born out of the idea Guy and Yo, the founders, were traveling in India when they came up with an idea that turned their world upside down. Today, more than 20 years, a marriage, 3 children, an MBE*, more than 100 awards and 50 countries worldwide later, Bambino Mio is the largest cloth diaper brand in the world. Their mission is to ensure that every parent and child has access to stylish and affordable washable baby products.

We continue with the third recommendation Charlie Banana, their mission is to create a better world for baby by connecting eco-conscious parents with superior reusable cloth nappies.
Charlie Banana was born with the devastating impact of single-use plastics on our environment in mind. Seeking to reverse that impact means creating products that are gentle on baby's skin and gentle on the planet. That's why every Charlie Banana nappy is made from the softest materials, is Climate Neutral certified and benefits environmental causes through our 1% for the Planet pledge.
The company's mission is to create a better world for baby by connecting eco-conscious parents with superior reusable cloth nappies.

Our fourth recommendation is  Bambo, Abena has been producing Bambo Nature baby products for more than 40 years. The third generation is now at the helm of the family business, which is based in Denmark. They carefully develop and produce skin-friendly and environmentally friendly nappies and baby products for families all over the world.

All Bambo Nature products are free from harsh chemicals and allergens and are made only from natural ingredients and materials. For you and your baby, this means guaranteed quality, comfort and safety.

Bambo Nature products have earned the world's leading certifications, awards and eco-labels.

Ecopipo was founded with one mission in mind: to make the world a cleaner place. They have been designing, developing and sharing the most absorbent nappies on the market for almost 10 years.

Mothers and fathers wanted nappies that were easy to use, reliable, affordable, durable and looked great on babies' tummies. And with this in mind they started to work looking for the best quality fabrics, the simplest designs and a combination of liners that were incredibly absorbent.

I hope this information is helpful to you and your babies. See you in a future article.

Remember have courage and be kind

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