Where to buy orthopedic shoes for children.

It is important to know how to choose the orthopedic shoe that each child needs according to their problem, as these therapeutic shoes together with the insoles, apart from correcting the problem over time, will prevent pain in their feet or legs, and will prevent the problem from getting worse.

These shoes should always be purchased in stores specializing in this type of footwear. In these places they will advise us on which shoes are the most suitable for your child's feet, subject to a doctor's prescription.

Many parents need to know where they can buy them. Today I bring you an idea of 5 places where you can buy orthopedic shoes for your children.

My first recommendation is Mendivil was founded as a family business and its aim from the start was to become our customers’ chosen brand in therapeutic footwear by providing innovative products of the finest quality and the best service. Their approach is based on ever greater respect and commitment toward their customers and suppliers, creating a healthy and sustainable environment thanks to the dedication of all their staff.


My second recommendation is Ricosta is an owner-managed family company with a long history. Their history tell how they became one of the most popular and successful children's shoe brands in the world.


My third recommendation is My third recommendation is Nimco Made4You was founded in 1904, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It started as a specialty shoe company that manufactured and sold its products locally. From the very beginning, it was very clear that this wasn´t just your regular shoe brand. Innovation and forward thinking were embedded in the DNA in such a way that it became number one and first in many future trends. 


My fourth recommendation is Darco, founded In Huntington, West Virginiain 1985, Dr. H. Darrel Darby, a practicing foot surgeon, developed the "Darby MedSurg" shoe, a postoperative shoe intended to replace the traditional wooden shoes. Innovative sports shoe technology was introduced to postoperative care for the first time with this shoe which had a semi-rigid sole. Since then Darco distributes innovative products for foot surgery worldwide introducing standards for postoperative care.


My fifth recommendation is Semeda, founded in 2003 in Hamburg - with the aim of innovative and practical medical products in high quality to develop. One of the first new product developments was the ALFA-Flex foot occlusion splint: an innovative clubfoot orthosis with which the splint treatment according to Ponseti can be implemented particularly well.


 I hope this information helps you remember you can comment if you have other brands :)

Remember to have courageous and always be kind. 

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