Visit 5 places in the world with your kids, ordering at these restaurants in Eindhoven.

It's Hang out Sunday, in the Facebook group Expat Kids in Eindhoven.

We know the restrictions continue, so today I bring you the first 5 recommendations of local places where you can order food to enjoy with your kids.

Some of these places have a set menu and in others you can talk to the owners and order a menu to suit your taste, all to be enjoyed with the little ones. This is great

So it's time to support our small businesses and don't worry I will keep recommending more places, these are the first ones.

To start with I want you to join me on a trip to 5 different parts of the world, are you ready? Let's do it

We start our journey in Italy with our first recommendation, the restaurant Cucina Italiana, owned by Giovanni and Ailén, chef and food journalist. Their mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of Italian cuisine.

They cook for you from the heart, following both tradition and innovation, telling you incredible stories that go back to the beginning of time, stories that are linked to each and every Italian dish.

Tel: 06 24217102 





Photo from Cucina Italiana gallery

It's time to travel to Nepal, this is our second recommendation, Mount Everest restaurant.

They are a family runned restaurant in the heart of Eindhoven. The restaurant has been established since 2009.

His chef had a keen interest in cooking from a very young age. He used to cook for his family and friends, learning from his mother. Later, when he was a teenager, he went to India to learn more about spices and the authentic Indian way of cooking. There he worked in a renowned restaurant for more than a decade. He then went to Qatar to learn more about running a kitchen, where he worked in a restaurant for five years. He then came to the Netherlands and finally decided to open his own restaurant. 

It was Chef Shiva Sunar's hardwork and passion for cooking which drove him to do a restaurant business, Mount Everest restaurant.

Tel:040 2024005 

Mobile 06 48899564 




Photo from Mount Everest restaurant gallery

Continuing on the Asian continent, our next recommendation takes us to India with the flavours of Zoya's kitchen Eindhoven.

Zoya's Kitchen Eindhoven offers authentic homemade Indian food for takeaway or delivery. They are a home-based business, so please order the day before. You can check for weekly menu updates and special weekend menus.

Tel: 06 19794185




 Photo from Zoya's Kitchen Eindhoven restaurant gallery

We are taking a plane to the American continent, we are going to make our first stop in South American flavors with our fourth recommendation, La Salsa Latina.

La Salsa Latina was founded in November 2019 and one of its goals is to prepare its dishes with love, using the best local and imported ingredients from Peru. They work every day to deliver their customers the best service.

Oh yes, La Salsa Latina also sells Latin products for your Latin recipes.


Tel: 06 22535777




  Photo from La Salsa Latina gallery

We now move on to our last destination Mexico, with our recommendation of El Metate.

Chef Marcela Rojas prepares each dish from the original recipes she inherited from her grandmother Rosa María.
Rosa María, from the age of 17, had a passion for cooking; and the chef says she loves to cook and believes she inherited that passion from her grandmother, who taught her many traditional recipes and two very simple rules
1. Always use fresh, quality ingredients.
2. Remember to cook with love!
Chef Marcela embodies this in this beautiful project so that everyone can enjoy the authentic taste of Mexican food.


Tel: 06 83515760



  Photo from El Metate gallery


See you next Sunday with a new series of recommendations :) Remember, always be brave and always be kind,

With love,

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