Master Chef in Family Expat Kids in Eindhoven!!! This was Fun

Cooking is all the rage. And the pandemic increased this trend, that's why Expat Kids in Eindhoven brought you this cooking challenge for the whole family: Where they found a renewed passion for making fun and inspiring dishes at home based on different themes, mixed with timed games and of course with collective collaboration to build the recipes guided by a Chef de Cuisine.

Last 27th of February we celebrated the first edition of our Family Master Chef. It was a fun time where children enjoyed with their families, preparing dishes inspired by their favorite cartoons.

Each family received a surprise box with surprise ingredients and gifts.

The chef who accompanied us was Gaby Ruijten from food experiences by Gaby from the city of Eindhoven, who shared and guided the families to make amazing dishes.

The children were delighted with the pesto that the chef taught them how to make, and from the feedback I received not only the children but also the parents loved learning how to make it.

Families came together and used all their imagination to bring their children's favourite cartoons to life with the dishes.

Here are some photos of the results.

Buurman & Buurman Cartoons

Formula 1 Car

Paw Patrol Cartoons

Paw Patrol Cartoons


Thank you very much  to the participating families and thank you to our guest chef Gaby Ruijten, here is her information.


Tel: 06 47669034



This Master Chef in Family I will do in Spanish version, stay tuned 

Remember always Have courage and be Kind

With Love,

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