One of the topics that as parents we can say we are crazy about is finding the right clothes and shoes for our children. Like everything else we have our favourite shops in our countries that contain the points we always evaluate when buying price, quality and design.
So when we arrive in a new country and therefore a new city we have to know exactly where to find the right shoes for our children.

To support you in this and following the recommendations of our shopping day in expat kids in eindhoven group we share with you where to buy shoes for children in Eindhoven, but before that we want you to keep in mind that it is important to have some clear points when buying shoes for our children.

Here we go:

  • The first thing you should bear in mind is that The sole should be elastic and allow the foot to flex while walking. You should be able to flex the sole of the shoe with your hands.
  • The shoes should be approximately one centimetre longer than the foot. If it is shorter it will squeeze the toes, especially in the afternoon, and if it is longer it causes tiredness when walking.
  • Thirdly, shoes should be flexible to allow free movement of the foot. Remember that the sole should be elastic and allow the foot to flex while walking. You should be able to flex the sole of the shoe with your hands.
  • Experts recommend that the tread of the sole should be multi-directional to prevent the child from slipping. The heel counter is the rear part, it should support the foot and cover just above the heel, but no higher to allow free movement of the ankle. The back of the foot should always be supported, even if only by a small piece of mail or rubber.
  • Shoes should always be made of breathable materials to avoid excessive sweating and skin conditions such as fungal infections.

What to avoid in shoes for our children according to the experts.

  • Avoid shoes with heels, or if they do, they should have minimal heels and should never have extensions towards the toe on the inside (the so-called Thomas heel).
  • The shoe should not have any kind of "corrective" insole. Healthy feet do not need them and they can cause discomfort.
  • Finally, boots are not recommended because they do not allow for proper ankle mobility. The toddler can wear flexible, low-cut boots to prevent them from slipping off when running.

Now let's move on to the shops in Eindhoven where you can find shoes for our children.

My first recommendation is Emmenmode

EM Kids children's shoes (part of Emmen shoes) is the largest children's shoe specialist in Eindhoven. With more than 50 years of experience and qualified, you will have right place for correct advice in the field of children's shoes and special advice in the field of children who need arch supports or braces.

shopping center woensel 12, 5625 aa, eindhoven


My second  recommendation is Feet fieuw

Feet Fieuw children's footwear was born out of the great love of its owner for children and her passion for children's footwear.
Good support for the proper development of feet and legs comes first, but the eyes want something too. This combination is therefore the basis of Feet Fieuw children's shoes. Stylish quality in various styles and prices. From classic to sporty, with a range of exclusive fashion brands for true fashionistas.
Wide selection
The Feet Fieuw children's shoes range from size 19 to 40. You will also find several baby shoes that will make your heart beat faster.
The shoes are handmade in Italy and Spain, because fit and appearance are very important. The most beautiful and softest leather is used.


Rechtestraat 65, 5611 GN Eindhoven


My third recommendation Hoera 

HOERA! Children's Shoes is a forward-thinking company when it comes to children's shoes and matching accessories. They believe it is important that feet are measured properly and professionally before buying new shoes. That's why they have good measuring equipment and offer a superb collection of children's shoes.

Thanks to a huge passion born out of entrepreneurship and a love for making people happy, Meike opened HOERA! Children's shoes in Veldhoven-Dorp. Soon the range and the collection expanded and the current situation we are in meant that the demand for a webshop was increasing.

At HOERA! Children's shoes, you will find a beautiful collection of children's shoes and accessories, selected with passion. They always offer a nice basic collection, but every season they also have some eye-catching pieces. 


Kromstraat 12, 5504 BC Veldhoven


My fourth recommendation is Duerlinger 

Duerlinger shoe professionals with extensive knowledge of materials, fit and sizing (width). They know the collection like the back of their hand and make sure that you leave home with the perfect shoe that fits well and is comfortable. Special attention is paid to children's feet, which are professionally measured with love and pleasure.

In their shoe shops you will find a collection of more than 60 brands, including Skechers, Gabor, Rieker, Ps Poelman, Vans, PME, Tamaris, Waldlaufer, Tommy Hilfiger and Bugatti. In addition to many well-known brands, they also develop their own exclusive models under the brands Ikke and DSTRCT. Their extensive collection includes shoes in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. From elegant to sporty, from size 19 to 50, for everyone from young to old.


Tamaris store Eindhoven

Heuvelgalerie 169
5611 DK Eindhoven


My fiftth recommendation is Nelson

The Nelson stores are characterized by a wide range of women's , men 's and children's shoes from international A-brands such as Ecco , Timberland , Dr. Martens , Tommy Hilfiger , Converse , Gabor , Skechers and Van Lier, supplemented by a fashionable and high-quality Nelson private label collection . In the 13 Nelson premium stores located at important A locations in the major cities in the Netherlands, the collection is supplemented with high-end fashion brands such as Guess , Calvin Klein andSteve Madden . Thanks to the clear omnichannel strategy aimed at experience, service and innovation, the customer is central everywhere, wherever you encounter Nelson. In addition to its own sales channels, Nelson also offers part of the collection through online department stores such as Wehkamp, ​​Bol.com, Kleertjes.com and Zalando.


Winkelcentrum Woensel 66, 5625 AD Eindhoven


The sixth recommendation is Vanharen

For more than 90 years, vanHaren has been a leading formula in the footwear sector in the Netherlands. With 145 shops, there is always one nearby and vanHaren is not only one of the largest shoe retailers in the Netherlands, but also one of the most successful.

At vanHaren, the whole family can find shoes at an excellent price/quality ratio. There is a suitable shoe for everyone. At vanHaren, all sizes are displayed in the shop, so that you can quickly find the right shoe yourself without having to wait for an employee. This concept, called Rack Room, allows you to quickly find the right shoe for you.


Winkelcentrum Woensel 255

5625AG Eindhoven - Woensel



I hope these recommendations will help you to find the perfect shoes for our expat kids in eindhoven.

See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,



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