5 European sustainable children's clothing brands

Sustainable clothing is a trend, and not only in terms of conventional fashion or adult fashion. Children's clothing can also be purchased sustainably in order to buy clothes made from fabrics that have a minimal impact on the environment, but also to support the environment. Here we talk about sustainable children's clothes, with tips on how to buy them and which brands are the best.

Sustainability in the world of children's fashion giving importance to attention to fabrics: organic, recycled or regenerated and ethics in terms of working conditions and the welfare of workers.

By choosing to have your children wear clothes with a sustainable label, you will be limiting the use of synthetic garments, preferring natural fibres, however, there are also synthetic garments made from recycled fibres among other processes that have a direct impact on the environment.

When you use organic pieces on toddlers and babies, you are preventing dermatitis and eczema common to the use of synthetic material on their skins.

With this in mind and checking in our shopping time in expat kids in eindhoven  I bring you 5 European brands that are good for your kids and the planet,  places where you can get sustainable brands for our expat kids in eindhoven. So here we go.  

My firth recommendation is Smittenorganic

Sustainability is at the heart of each and every step at Smitten Organic.
Whether it's in the design of their garments, the selection of the right raw materials or the production process itself, they continually strive to be conscious of their impact on our planet.


 My Second recommendation is Hola bb 

Hola BB is the home of beautiful, carefully selected eco-friendly products for you and your little ones. A large % of their fabric products are made from eco-friendly fabrics, all others are at least OEKO-TEX certified or produced from naturally more eco-friendly materials such as linen and wool.
All products are designed to grow with your child or to withstand daily wear and tear, meaning they can be passed on to other children for years to come.
You can be sure that all the products you will find at Hola BB are not only great for the planet, but have been tried and tested by themselves and their many enthusiastic friends and family. Using mature colours, quality soft materials, original designs and produced in a sustainable environment, to create clothes that appeal to parents and that children love to wear.


 My Third recommendation is Maedformini

Maed for mini is a Rotterdam born, Amsterdam based conscious kids brand for 0-12 years. With the use of mature colors, soft quality materials, original designs and produced in a sustainable environment,  to create clothing that attracts parents and that kids love to wear.


My fourth recommendation is House of Jamie

House of Jamie is a Dutch label offering playful Home, Decor & Travel essentials, and apparel for boys and girls 0 to 10 years. A timeless collection, dominated by minimalistic, clean shapes, and sophisticated prints. Effortless basics, available year-round to which new designs and colours are added every season.

The entire collection is designed with love in Amsterdam by a small dedicated team. The collection is filled with neutrals, sophisticated and comfortable items with playful prints. The perfect everyday essentials for your little ones. Their collections are made of high-quality fabrics and timeless designs, each item is made to last. Nice to know: some items from the home collection are 'double-faced' (reversible), which gives you the opportunity to maximize your baby's products.


 My fifth recommendation is Bambinomio

Sustainability is at the core of their products. They manufacture responsibly, make products that are designed to last and are guided by the pillars of reduce, reuse and re-purpose.
They work with NGOs, local and national governments and policy makers to raise awareness of the benefits of cloth nappies. Bambino Mio is proud to be a leading member of the Nappy Alliance.
They believe that their company has a social purpose, so they support local and global organisations to ensure that we give back to the world around us.


See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

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