Carnival in Eindhoven? What is it and what to do?

Carnival in Eindhoven? What is it and what to do?

Carnival is celebrated in the Netherlands, as in many other places in the world, in the months of February and/or March. Preparations are made on the 11th of November of the previous year together with some celebrations by the carnival organisers.

Carnival celebrations take place in the south of the Netherlands, or "onder de rivieren" (in the area below the rivers) as the Dutch refer to it. It is the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant where the celebration is strongest, but it is celebrated all over the country.
Carnival in the Netherlands is celebrated with costumes, big street parties, parades of floats and lots of fun during this time. During this time it is common to see people in costumes in the streets and children in their schools.

Each municipality selects its own Prins Carnaval or Prince of Carnaval, to whom the keys of the city are symbolically handed over at the beginning of the festivities. After that the reign of the Prince Carnival begins for 5 days.

All over the cities and small towns in the south and east of Holland you will find parties, either inside a bar or outside in the squares and streets. Usually large stages are set up and open-air concerts are held or music is played for the partygoers to enjoy.

During this week it is normal to change the name of the cities, in our case Eindhoven is changed from Eindhoven to Lampegat.
It is normal to hear Carnival music in the streets and at parties, some cities have their own Carnival songs and even have a Carnival song contest every year ... .

If you happen to meet the Carnival Prince you can shout "alaaf!" three times in a row as a greeting.

During this time, a parade of decorated Carnival floats is held, which attracts a large crowd and one float is usually chosen as the most beautiful. In some places there are special parades for children, known as kinderoptocht.

In my next article I will show you the activities planned in Eindhoven during the carnival to do with our children.

See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

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