LIST OF ACTIVITIES IN EINDHOVEN and surroundings FOR OUR KIDS this summer 2023

Summer has arrived again and as usual as parents we can get overwhelmed thinking about what to do with our children during this time, it is true that sometimes we have planned one or another activity but sometimes these are not enough to fill all the time they will be at home.

    A very used resource summer camps and some summer workshops, the time that parents are with their children can be very enriching and fun if we take advantage of it to do things together.
    Nueva Expat mama brings you a list of activities you can do in the city and surrondings with our expat kids in Eindhoven. Before I would like to invite you to read the article about summer camps this 2023

    Now Let's start 3,2,1, Here we Go

    • Participates in CKE Workshops

    At CKE you can learn everything in the field of music , dance , visual arts , photography , theater , musical and writing .

    Do you first want to try out whether the course suits you or are you unsure whether you want to sing or dance, for example? And do you think you should be able to do something? That is not necessary at all, because you can learn everything with us. Or is the click with the teacher very important to you? Then take a trial lesson first ! These trial lessons do not commit you to anything.

    • Participate in the workshops of Textile Keuken

    Jolanda is a friendly and patient handicraft teacher who teaches children how to make their own clothes and accessories in a creative way.

    During the classes, other skills can also be learned so that the children learn to concentrate better, learn to improve their motor skills and learn to find solutions in a creative way.

    Sewing workshop

     Children ages 8 to 13 can participate to their amazing sewing class this summer! Together They will work four mornings making a placemat, pillow and hug. They guide the children step by step and provide all the necessary materials. In addition, they will provide drinks and something tasty, so that they can stay full of energy!

    Their 4-day course offers not only fun, but also valuable learning opportunities. Children will develop essential skills such as learning basic sewing techniques and working with fabrics. Their creativity will be fully expressed and they will be proud of their handmade creations.
    Invest in your child's skills and give them a summer of fun and creativity! The costs for the course are only €145, including materials, drinks and something tasty.

    Textile dyeing of a "Totebag" Workshop

    Date: Monday, July 24th

    Time: 09:30 – 12:00

    Age: 8 to 13 Years

    Costs: €17.50

    Perforation Workshop 

    Workshop 'Punching'

    Date: Tuesday, July 25

    Time: 09:30-12:00

    Age: 9 to 13 years

    Costs: €17.50

    • Go and climb wall in WONK

    During the summer months, they organize open youth training sessions every Wednesday where everyone from 6 to 18 years old is welcome, regardless of your level or experience. Ideal if you are new and want to discover whether bouldering is something for you, but just as good if you already have some more experience and want to work on your technique during the summer holidays. Their trainers give everyone tailor-made tips.

    You can participate in the summer training sessions without obligation, as often as you want. Summer classes are included in your membership. No member? Then lessons cost €15 separately, including the use of rental shoes. Are you new? Book in advance via TopLogger, so they know who to expect.

    Weekly on Wednesday morning from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM 
    They start on July 19 and the summer classes end on August 23
    Single lessons cost €15 for non-members or you can buy a five-ride ticket for €67.50. 
    Age: 6 to 18 years

    • Go climbing in Fun Forest Venlo

    At Fun Forest you overcome your fears, learn your strengths and build your team. Trees are therefore not the only ones that grow in our forest!  Climbing and scrambling over obstacles in nature is a great way to overcome fears, learn your own strengths and build your team. Everyone is welcome in their forest; now in holidays is the perfect activity in family. 

    • Visit Eindhoven Observatory

    Visit the Eindhoven Observatory is possible again. The entrance fees for regular openings are the same for individual adults and young people over the age of 10. The entrance fee is set at € 2.50. There is a “pin only policy”. Due to transparency, they are forced to only accept digital payments.

    • Go to the car races at hezemans

    Children from 1.20 m can already go karting with them! They have special mini-karts for them. Children who are taller than 1.45 m, but younger than 16 are considered juniors. They drive the same karts that adults drive, but the speed is limited.
    On Sundays they are especially open for children from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Reservations can be made two weeks in advance. Juniors can also ride at the same time as adults! For safety reasons, the speed of adults is therefore limited.
    During the holidays there are opportunities on (almost) every day to go karting with children, both for mini-karts and for family heats (where juniors can ride at the same time as adults, everyone drives at junior speed). Reservations are required and can be made via 040-2480445. During the holidays we are open every weekday from 1 pm!

    1 heat € 18.50 pp (a heat is 8 minutes driving time)
    2 heats € 35,- p.p.
    3 heats € 45,- p.p.

    • A member card is mandatory, also for children (once € 2,- pp). Instead of a member card, you can also use the Activity Box app (downloadable in advance via the App Store or Google Play). The app will then be activated by one of our employees upon arrival (a one-off € 2.00 pp will also be charged for this upon arrival).

    The member card is personal.

    • Going into the woods with Youth Nature group Gestel

    Are you going into the woods? It's wonderful to stroll outside in the woods. Their nature is full of special lodgers. Maybe you will come across corridors and burrows of a badger? But most importantly: enjoy all the beauty around you! Discover, Search for aquatic animals, spot bats, search for tracks, find flowers and mushrooms, make birdhouses, collect owl balls and much more...Playing and doing fun things in nature To discover, enjoy and learn. Have you had enough of computers or sitting indoors?  Come take a walk! Your parents are also welcome. Every first Saturday afternoon of the month they take a fun, adventurous walk with children aged ± 6 - 12 years.

    The walk (usually) starts at Haanwijk 4a, Sint-Michielsgestel and is from 2 pm to 4 pm. Membership for the whole family is €10 per calendar year (one participation is €2) payable in cash on the first Saturday afternoon.

    • Day out with the family at De ontdek Fabriek 

    In their old factory in Eindhoven you can enjoy a cool feature film and you can play and build inventions to the fullest. Inside and (in good weather) outside! 

    During school holidays (South region) they are also open to the public on many weekdays (11 am to 5 pm). During the summer holidays they are open to a limited extent.

    Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.*
    Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.*
    Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.*

    • Visit Glow Golf 

    Glowgolf is a super fun activity for the whole family. Glowgolf can be played all year round. In the winter it is comfortably warm and in the summer the air conditioners ensure a COOL round of golf. In summer holidays is open every day from 11:00 am.

    The theme is "Adventure". You play mini golf in an amazing fluorescent decor. Via an Aztec temple and an old mine you reach a science fiction part where you have to pass between the spaceships. After this you arrive in the Deep Sea zone where you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful decors. After your underwater experience you will enter the Jurassic zone where the dinosaurs are waiting for you. The 18-hole course is full of beautiful scenery and the many obstacles challenge you to hit a hole in one, will you succeed?

    With their special 3D glasses (option € 1.25 each) the experience is even greater. The floors, walls and scenery seem to have depth and the game also becomes more challenging.
    A round of Glowgolf with 4 people takes about 60 minutes.

    • Visit Museum Kids Factory

    During Museum Kids Factory, children are immersed in the world of technology. Build a working flashlight, fire engine with flashing flashing light or airplane with spinning propeller by making an electronic circuit. Children aged 8 to 12 get started with activities such as crafts, mechanical construction, soldering, sawing, drilling, 3D drawing and 3D printing. There are also plenty of things to do for children aged 5 to 8!
    During this summer holiday you can visit the Philips Museum for 3 different weeks for this fun activity. You can participate on the days below. There are fixed starting times and the activity lasts 1.5 hours. The craft group may consist of a maximum of 6 people, of which 1 is an adult. Book quickly, because there are only a small number of places available per time slot.
    Data Museum Kids Factory
    15 to 21 July
    29 to 4 August
    12 to 18 August
    Reserve a ticket in time, because full is full.
    Adults only buy a ticket for the museum. Children who participate in the activity need a museum ticket and pay €3 extra for the activity.

    • Visit Textile Museum  

    A visit to the TextielMuseum is a journey of textile discovery for children. There is much to see and touch. Participate in the ongoing scavenger hunt and discover activity or explore the museum with a booklet. Every school holiday you can do a creative workshop with the TextielClub.

    •  Visit Zomerkasteel Helmond

    You can experience more than 700 years of history and castle treasures at Zomerkasteel Helmond, the largest surviving square moated castle in the country. Together with your family, relatives, friends and whoever wants. Helmond Castle, which is located in the middle of the city, is bursting with stories! Come and listen, play and discover during the summer holidays from 8 July to 3 September, from Tuesday to Sunday.

    Make your own herbal or tea bag
    Fill a pouch with deliciously scented dried (tea) herbs and use it as a scented pouch or to make tea. And who knows, you can also watch how they cooked in the Middle Ages.

    Get knighted
    Did you do well on the treasure hunt in the castle cellar? All questions correct? Then you can let yourself be knighted by lord of the castle Jan van Berlaer. Exciting!

    Photo of yourself
    Sitting on the throne in the great knight's hall, in a knight's suit or maiden's dress, is your chance for a unique selfie. You can also play in the medieval style every day in the courtyard and explore the exciting cellars of the castle.

    • Visit DAF Museum

    In the DAF Museum one falls from one surprise to another. The ingenuity that characterizes DAF vehicles, from 1928 to the present, will also captivate the non-expert visitor.

    • Visit the Brabant Museum

    Brabant is famous for its distinctive accent, Burgundian hospitality, and artists such as Van Gogh and Sluijters. But it is also the land of Roman conquerors, prehistoric farmers, Catholics, and Protestants. The Story of Brabant takes you on a journey through the past. From the first hunter-gatherers who, thousands of years ago, tracked mammoths over icy plains, to present-day Brabant with its population of 2.5 million people. How did people live in these various eras, through periods of prosperity and times of crisis? What makes Brabant authentically Brabant?

    • Visit to the Reptile House 

    visit to the Reptile House. Who wouldn't want to hold a snake and learn about the animals?! You do not have to follow this program, but it makes the visit extra educational and fun!

    The Reptile House in Breda is one of the smallest zoos, measuring approximately 600m2. This certainly does not make the visit any less fun! You can always contact an animal caretaker here to ask questions about our animals and we give fun animal shows. Everyone can watch the feeding moments here and also hold some animals such as a snake.
    In addition, the children can color, play, do treasure hunts and scan education boards with a smartphone for information about the animals. They have a terrace where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or soda. Their catering is limited to hot and cold drinks with simple sweet snacks. Bringing your own food and drinks is no problem. An enthusiast can easily enjoy themselves for an hour. In short, a small getaway for a small price.

    In addition to a standard visit to the reptile house, they have a number of arrangements for schools, groups and children's parties. You can rent the room in the evening for receptions, meetings, training courses and presentations.

    • Visit the Alpaca Farm 

    Alpacafarm Vorstenbosch is the most complete alpaca farm in the Netherlands. More than 60 alpacas live on our alpaca farm and every year we expect foals in the period from April to August. They are basically a breeding farm, but you will find a complete range of activities, catering and accommodation with them. Some of the activities you can find are: 

    Alpaca walk
    A walk with alpacas in the woods of nature reserve De Maashorst.
    Alpaca Meet & Greet
    Want to learn more about the alpacas, feed them by hand and feel how soft their wool is?
    Feed alpacas
    Feed the alpacas under supervision in the meadow or the stable and take a great photo.
    Picnic with alpacas
    Enjoy a cozy picnic among the alpacas.

    • Visit the strangest zoo in the Netherlands

    Come to Tilburg for an unforgettable day in the strangest animal park in the Netherlands! What started more than 30 years ago as a reptile house has now grown into a true animal park.
    Here you come face to face with more than 150 different animal species and you can really expect anything. Curious meerkats? Flying dogs? You can meet them today! Because a visit to this cozy Brabant animal park doesn't just let you see the animal world, but above all experience it!

    • Go on Safari in Beekse Bergen

    Stimulate all your senses during the impressive safaris through Beekse Bergen. Admire the vast plains on foot, opt for an adventure with your own car, board the safari bus for an educational journey or relax during a beautiful boat trip. Each safari is unique and you decide the order.

    • Visit the animal feed time at the zoo.

    All that roaring, hissing and rolling will make you hungry. That's why they spoil their animals with their favourite food every day. Come and watch? The keepers tell you lots of fun things you didn't know yet.

    • Visit the Camel safari’s

    Everyone can join the safari, so you are taking the tour with other people. The tour is guided in Dutch, but you can ask your questions in English if you prefer.
    Are you curious about the life of the camels on the Camel Dairy Farm, or do you want to admire the camels up close, pet and feed them? Then join the camel safari’s.They have these every other Sunday and on the holidays on Monday and Friday.
    What is a camel-safari on the Camel Dairy Farm?
    By means of a powerpoint presentation and a guided tour, you get to know a lot about the life of the camels, how the camel dairy farm started and off course about camel milk. You also get the chance to feed a bottle to a calve and sit on a camel. They end in the restaurant to bake a waffle, made with camel milk and taste the fresh camel milk.

    • Visit Monkeys Movements

    Will you join us on a multisport jungle trip? Along the way you will learn the basics of 11 sports and much more. You make friends, learn social skills, become smarter and lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy exercise!

    Their multi-sport toddler gym , toddler gym , kindergarten and multi-sport classes for primary school children have been developed by sports scientists, physiotherapists, teachers, psychologists and parents. They offer your monkey face from 18 months to 9 years, at any time, exactly what he/she needs.

    • Visit the Nets Adventure

    Picture from Klimrijk website  

    Everyone can jump and scramble to explore in the new Nets Adventure at Klimrijk. Climb through the special net tunnels and explore the four different zones where you can jump, tumble and throw, roll or balance big balls. Everyone from 4 years old can enjoy themselves in this adventurous new attraction of almost 500 m2. So also adults!
    While climbing you come to all kinds of floors, you pass a tree house and you can reach great heights of 2 to 8 meters. Finished or fancy a new round? Go down one of the 3 slides and start a new adventure. It's as challenging as you make it yourself.

    • Visit Children's Art Club 

    iEvery Saturday, they look at the works of art found in the museum through the lens of a different theme. After exploring the exhibitions and viewing the art pieces, children will get to create their own art. Some days you will draw, other days you will work with clay or paint.

    Through these challenging assignments, you will discover that there is an artist in you! Of course, you can take your own artwork home with you after the session.

    Practical information
    Age range: children between 6 and 12 years old
    Group size: maximum of 10 children per group
    Cost per session: €6 per child
    The Children's Art Club is supervised by experienced museum teachers

    • Visit the Bibliotek Workshops (Groen Kids) 

    It is the middle of summer and in nature you can now find wild, edible and useful plants everywhere. During this workshop Groenkids you will learn what you can and cannot pick from nature. You also learn how healthy and tasty wild plants can be.

    You will, under supervision, go wild picking around the Waalre Library. It is in the middle of nature where there are many edible and useful plants. You learn to recognize the tasty green snacks, taste them on the spot and we cook something delicious together.

    During the GroenKids workshops you can experience all sorts of things in nature together with your (grand)child. We will do, feel and discover a lot! Each workshop is different and has a special, green location in or around Eindhoven. Suitable for children between 6 - 9 years old.

    • Play Checkers and chess in Splinter Park

    Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, children can play checkers or chess. Under the supervision of a volunteer, children play with a large checker - and chess pieces on a life-size board in the open air! It is a fanatical game afternoon and you can always contact Jeroen for questions about the rules of the game or for advice on tactics.

    They organize a tournament a few times a year, usually during the school holidays. Here you can show what you have learned in checkers and chess afternoons and compete for a medal or cup.

    • To read aloud in kasteel Geldrop

    Every first Wednesday afternoon of the month, Godelieve reads at the petting zoo. It starts at 3.15 pm and lasts about fifteen minutes. You are welcome and it's free.

    • Visit Kids time at Motion Experience 

    Picture from Motion Experience website  

    Motion Experience is an experience for all ages, but during Kids Time it is even more fun for children up to and including 12 years old. Their light art world might consist of flying unicorns or dancing dinosaurs. Moreover, the Imagination Experience has been transformed into an activity square that will make children's hearts beat faster. In short, plenty to experience & move during Kids Time. Highly recommended for an outing with children!

    Kids Time takes place every Wednesday afternoon from 13:00 - 18:00, Saturday from 9:30 - 13:00 and Sunday from 10:00 - 13:00.

    • Visit Genneper Hoeven

    Take a walk in the park, visit the animals, have a juice in their shop and enjoy the agenda of activities during the summer.

    Show the muppets
    Musical show

    I hope these recommendations are helpful, Enjoy!!!! Let us know your experience. 

    See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

    With love

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