How to make a homemade volcano? Step by step to have fun with your children

It's Do it yourself Saturday in Expat Kids in Eindhoven and today I bring you an activity that the kids will love Homemade Volcano. How about spending some fun time with the little ones doing science.
Before I start, I want to tell you a few things about volcanoes.
What are volcanoes?
Volcanoes are vents through which magma, very hot molten rock under the earth, is released. They are formed when two giant tectonic plates and blocks of earth collide and move apart.
Volcanoes form on the surface of the earth and under the sea. In the Pacific Ocean we find a large concentration of volcanoes in the sea.
As they are openings in the earth through which very hot molten rock comes out, when a volcano expels it, it is said to erupt, and once outside, the magma turns into lava.

The three countries in the world with the most volcanoes within their territory are:

1. United States 180 volcanoes

2. Russia 152 volcanoes.

3. Indonesia 141 volcanoes

There are 6 types of eruptions in a Volcano:

1. Hawaiian eruption
2. Strombolian eruption
3. Vulcanian eruption
4. Plinian eruption
5. Pelean eruption
6. Icelandic eruption
Imagen: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Interesting historical fact, did you know that the island of Hawaii was formed from the dried lava from the eruption of the Kilauea volcano which erupted for 10 years!

I have already told you a lot about the world of volcanoes, now it is time to make one at home, following my steps I will teach you first to create a volcano and then I will teach you how to make the eruption of your volcano.

Let's get started!
First we are going to make a volcano, for this we need the following materials: 
  • Plastic bottle
  • White Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Thick cardboard
  • Paper tape
  • Brown, green and white tempera
  • Scissors
First Step:
Cut off the top of the bottle
Second Step:
Put glue the bottle to the carton with the tape
Third Step:
With the newspaper, we make balls and stick them around the bottle with the tape. When we have enough around, this will shape the volcano.
Fourth Step:
Put glue and cover the whole newspaper and tape with toilet paper
Fifth Step: 
We can help each other with a brush, let it dry and then paint with white base paint and the top of the volcano, and the rest we paint with coffee.
You can paint the edge of the cardboard is painted green.
Now let's move on to the mixing and the explosion of the volcano.
Are you ready!!!  For this we need the following materials.
  • Vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Vegetable dye if you can color red
  • One tablespoon of dishwashing soap
First Step:
Place about two drops of vegetable dye in the glass of vinegar
Second Step:
Put this on the inside of the volcano
Third Step: 
 We can use a spoonful of dishwashing soap
Fourth Step: 
Put the baking soda
The fun is just beginning
But why is this happening?
When you mix vinegar, an acid, and baking soda, a base, you produce carbon dioxide, the gas that causes the bubbles to bubble out of the crater of the volcano. Because of the gas, the mixture becomes foamy and expands, so that it escapes from the bottle.

Did you like our activity today? Next Saturday I'll be back with a new activity
See you next week with a new activity 🙂 .

And remember never forget have courage and always be kind. 

With Love, 

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