How to feed a child who doesn't eat much 

Eating is the body's natural need. Try to "forget" to feed your baby. He will notify you that he is hungry with a loud cry and will not calm down until he is fed. The child knows best when and how much he needs to eat.

When you offer a child a varied and multi-coloured food, remember a delicate psychological moment: the main thing is not to start persuading! Better to let the child be hungry. When food is associated only with positive moments, appetite is much better.

If you are also going to involve the child in the cooking process, allow him to create in the kitchen, experiment with ingredients, choose food for dinner in the shop, then the little chef will not have any problems with appetite.

 And if, once again, the mother wants to "overfeed" a child, it is worth stopping and thinking: "What is forcing me to do this? Stereotypes from the past? My own ideas that you have to eat everything on the plate? Fear that the child will stay hungry?". Believe me, the child himself is not his own enemy, he still has contact with his body. He will eat when he is hungry. Making him eat too much is far from the best form of parental care.

If your child "eats nothing" during the main meal, try letting him have snacks between meals.

Try taking out foods with flavour enhancers and flavourings. When a child gets used to various "flavour enhancers", a healthy meal in kindergarten starts to seem unappetising.

Less sweets.

More walking, more physical activity. I am sure this will have a favourable effect on a child's appetite.

I hope you find these steps helpful, but please always remember to be patient in this process.

With love,

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