What is Christmas?

Christmas, apart from lights, presents and meals, is the time of the year that invites us to renew our feelings and emotions.
For children, Christmas is a wonderful time, family and friends come together again, with attitudes of generosity, love and peace.
In many countries since last year the celebration has been different due to COVID regulations. In the Netherlands we are in Lockdown so celebrations are kept to a minimum at home and with the possibility to receive 4 people as visitors on that day.
During these festive days, houses, buildings, streets and squares are decorated with bright and colourful Christmas figures that fill many hearts with new and renewed hopes and illusions.
What is Christmas?
The word Christmas comes from the Latin "nativita", which means birth. The reason for this feast focuses on the birth of the Child Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph; therefore it carries a message of hope, togetherness, peace and love.
Historians believe that the actual date on which the Christ Child was born is in April or May, however, it is traditionally celebrated by the Catholic Church on 25 December and by the Orthodox Church on 7 January. During the season of Advent, which is the days leading up to 25 December, Christians prepare for this time by renewing their beliefs and commitments.
Now you know a little more about this beautiful tradition that for those who like me follow the Christian faith is extremely important because it is to remember and commemorate the birth of Jesus the Son of God here on earth.
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