Summer Camps in Eindhoven and Surrondings

The holidays are coming and as parents we are already thinking about what to do with the children during this time.
With this in mind we bring you a list of Summer Camps that will take place in Eindhoven and its surroundings but also in other cities in the country. 

Summer Camps

  • Kika Camp

During the camp the children will be with a group of about ten children of their own age. They will sleep with their group in a big Tipi. They will have one or two supervisors per group. They will make sure they have a good week at camp. And they are also there for when the children feel a bit homesick.

Every day there is a fun programme that fits in completely with the theme of that year's camp. Often we play various games in the forest or on the camp lawn. At other times they go on an exciting trip, or do all kinds of workshops where you learn about everything. Of course, they also have plenty of free time to play football, read a (comic) book or have a nice chat.

The camp has a kitchen team that makes sure they have enough to eat every day. They will eat two sandwiches every day and once a day there is a hot meal. Usually the children eat at the same time. Sometimes they have picnics in the forest. All volunteers have a valid VOG (certificate of conduct).

  • Summer Camp in Eindhoven

The best summer camp in Eindhoven to learn English. During Summer Camp 2022, children will learn English in a fun and educational way - fun comes first at SummerCamp! That's why, in addition to English lessons, there is also plenty of room for games, exercise, music and creative activities.

The summer camp programme is adapted to each age group. The small groups offer the possibility of individual attention. Many activities are explained non-verbally, using visual material and gestures. However, where necessary, a supporting word in Dutch will also be used, especially for younger children. Each class has differentiating material to compensate for differences in level.

The classes during the summer camp aim to make the children feel comfortable using the English language. The Summer Camp closes on the last evening with a festive closing ceremony. The children will be welcomed at high tea. While enjoying a cup of tea and homemade muffins, all the children's creations are on display. During the graduation ceremony, all children receive their summer camp certificate. Finally, the children give a performance with songs and dance.

In addition to this summer camp, they also offer camps for different age groups.

  • Summer Camp Kids Art Week

The children's art week is a creative week in which children make “art” under supervision (from 9.00-17.00) Children from 8 to 12 with a closing exhibition in the weekend of 30 and 31 July. If your child likes drawing, painting and crafts, this might be a nice start to the holiday.

Discover the beauty of diversity through colours, music, materials and food. We are all human, but what makes us who we are? How do we dress? What are we eating? How do we celebrate? Join us to discover the world from home.
You can now register for the summer camp „Kinder Kunst Week“ in the Albert van Abbehuis!

  • Summer Moves 

At Summer Moves summer camps participants will experience the best week of the summer. Children as young as 6 years old, in a camp with children of their own age. They will be active all the time, spending a lot of time outdoors doing all kinds of sports and games. Of course, you don't have to be an athlete to find Summer Moves Summer Camps great. Everyone can join in.
Participants will sleep comfortably with their tent mates and chained together in a big tent. There is a great program for every age group. There are outdoor activities all day long: smuggling games, treasure hunts, swimming, singing songs by the campfire. You can also do gymnastics, dance or free running.

This camp is organized by the ZOKA Foundation and has been running for more than 60 years.

  • De Ster Camp

With a maximum of 31 other children and a group of supervisors the children will go camping for 6 days (the start camp lasts 4 days), in a very cool place in the Netherlands. First they will have a preliminary talk with someone from De Ster to see if the camp suits them and can help them.
During the camp the children do different activities like theatre, games, club, cool games, activities, Corfeesten and chill out, in the camp they work on their own goals. With that you get a lot of practice. As everyone has a goal at the camp, you can help each other. That's usually very good. You have your own mentor, who helps you with the things you want to learn.
In short: going to camp means having a great and fun week, where you also learn a lot of things!

  • Camp Crea

This summer camp will be in Utrecht for children from 8 to 12 years old. In this camp they look for what they can find in nature in terms of colours, shapes, materials and how things work. With that as inspiration, they will photograph, make prints, draw, build and move. Everyone is welcome; you don't have to be "good" at anything! It's all about enjoying exploring and trying new things. There is also time for evening games, looking for animals and plants and sitting by the campfire. Part of the programme is provided by KidzKlix.


I hope these recommendations are helpful, Enjoy!!!! Let us know your experience. 

See you next recommendations :) Remember, always have courage and always be kind,

With love



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