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Lets bring colour to our city workshop creative winter market

We are part of creative winter market from International Creative woman with our free workshop  "Let's bring colour to our city",

Do you know every corner of Eindhoven? We invite you to be part of this amazing workshop for our children from 3 to 7 years old.

Let's bring colour! The aim of this workshop is to promote and strengthen the knowledge of our city in our children and families through emotions.  
In our workshop, we will travel through our city by means of art and fill every historical place in Eindhoven with colour.  To finish in a beautiful Canva designed by our children.

By means of the emotions that our children feel in our city that we will capture in our drawings, we will travel to various places in the city to get to know its history and to see what emotion is enlivened in them by putting colour in our city.

We will paint or draw "what" they feel on paper so that they feel free to use shapes, lines or colours:
This activity is part of one of our projects that will be exhibited in 2023.
So don't miss it, it will be a time of discovery for the whole family! 

Where:  Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan 1A 5652 LA Eindhoven
When: 10th December 
Hour : From 11 until 13 hrs 

This activity is free of charge, but registration is required 


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