Being a stylish mom!

Many women after having children feel that this issue is not so important. Now their priority and all their time is taken up by household chores, children's activities, husband and maybe last if there is enough time for them.

I want to tell you that none of the above-mentioned tasks interfere with being a stylish mom. Just by knowing those strong points in our body or face, together with the resources we have available and with little time we can bring out all the shine that sometimes we have hidden. It is just a matter of knowing which are the right elements and using them to our advantage.

The last May we had as a guest in our expert Thursday the image specialist Lida Castro who guided us with her experience and tips to be a stylish mom.

I started by asking her why it is worth being a stylish mom, to which she explained. "Being stylish at home is important because you have an audience as a mom. Your first audience is your husband and your children. Within this audience are also the parents of your children's friends at school, teachers and others. :)

Our guest told us the story of Carolina Herrera the designer who in an interview was asked about what motivated or inspired her to be a designer and she answered that her models or who inspired her were her mother and her grandmother.... They were always dressed up and they impacted Carolina's life and led her to be one of the best designers in the world. In other words, your audience is impacted.

So now that you know you have an audience and it is important, let's get started.

Let's first talk about Image and the 3 A's of good image that our guest mentioned. Grooming (Appearance, Aroma) Harmony (Balance) Attitude (non-verbal language).

Other factors of the image that we must take into account when dressing are:

  • Age The Occasion
  • Time of Day
  • Individual Image

In the following picture she was making a comparison of what it is to use the right elements. It is the same person in the first image something careless and in the second image we see the change using the correct elements her aspect changes.

The second thing that our guest told us is important is to learn how to dress our silhouette.

And when we refer to silhouette, we are very afraid because unfortunately we are the most critical of ourselves. That if the belly, that something in our leg that we have gained weight or that we are too thin. Today I remind you my dear mommy you are beautiful we have all been created beautiful created in different shapes but all beautiful. :) And we cannot be guided by the patterns that perhaps society imposes because many times we feel that we do not fit into them.

Here I show you the different types of silhouettes that exist so that we know what ours and that way is we can dress it to highlight our strengths.

The guest told us that today there are many theories that call the different silhouette. Today we will show the silhouette with names of geometric figures.


In the following picture you will find photos of several recognized artists showing the type of clothing that highlights the parts of the body that may require it.

In the case of Cameron Diaz, it is observed and according to the previous photo is a rectangular silhouette where her hips are narrow for which the type of clothing is focused on perhaps seeking to put volume in her hips, we note that she has nice legs therefore her stylist seeks to highlight this.

Taking this into account and following the examples of the other photos. The importance of knowing first what type of silhouette we are and wear clothes that strengthen this. As in the case of Cameron put volume in the place where it is required and also remove volume from the places where it is needed. And of course, highlight those parts of the body that we love to make them the stars at all times.

The next important point in this process is to know how to choose the colors that suit us. For this I have these examples.

Which of these two shades do you feel accentuate you best?

Warm colors

Cold colors

I leave you the chromatic circle so you can see the shades according to what you saw suits you best.

To be a stylish mom you don't need to be super made up to go out and have to be super dressed up at home. no!!!! Let's forget about that. With the pandemic, working at home has made for whole days in pajamas and messy, it's just changing that.

It doesn't matter if you have to work at home. Dress as if you were going to work, you don't need to wear makeup, you can even use a face cream, paint your lips and try Vaseline for your eyelashes. With this and a good perfume you will always be ready and stylish.


I hope this information is helpful :) and if you want to contact our guest you can do it. Here you have all her information.

Lida Castro
Instagram: @Lidacastro

Remember to have courageous and always be kind. 

With Love, 



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