Stichting SA Love by Grace

Making a Pop Flower Card for Mom


This workshop is designed to engage children between the ages of 2 and 6 in a fun and creative activity that will allow them to make a special card for their mom. By using simple materials such as paper, markers, and glue, children will be able to create a colorful and personalized pop flower card that will surely bring a smile to their mother's face.

The process of creating the card will not only provide children with an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills, but it will also allow them to express their creativity and imagination. Through this hands-on activity, children will learn about the joy of giving and the importance of showing appreciation for their loved ones.

Overall, this workshop is a wonderful way for children to create a thoughtful and meaningful gift for their mom while having fun and learning new skills in the process. It is sure to be a memorable and heartwarming experience for both the children and their mothers.

Wednesday 24th April 

From 14:30 until 16:00

This is free activity but required registration

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