Autumn Adventures: Top Kid-Friendly Activities in Eindhoven and surroundings for an Unforgettable Holiday

As a nueva expat mama living in Eindhoven, I understand the of finding suitable activities and workshops for our expat kids during the autumn holidays. Fortunately, Eindhoven has a wide array of options to keep our little ones entertained and engaged. I have curated a list of recommendations that are not only educational but also fun for our Expat kids in Eindhoven.

  • Philips Museum 

Take your kids on a journey through the history of the renowned Dutch brand, Philips. This interactive museum allows children to explore the evolution of technology and its impact on society. From playing with vintage radios to discovering the science behind light bulbs, the Philips Museum offers a unique experience for kids of all ages.


  • Van Abbemuseum :

Explore contemporary art with your kids at the Van Abbemuseum. This family-friendly museum offers interactive tours and workshops that encourage children to understand and appreciate modern art. Let your little ones unleash their imagination through various art activities and discover new perspectives.


  • Ontdekfabriek:

For a hands-on and creative experience, head to Ontdekfabriek. This unique attraction combines a science center with a playground, offering a variety of activities for curious young minds. From building robots to engaging in virtual reality experiences, Ontdekfabriek guarantees hours of fun and learning.


  •  Eindhoven Library :

The Eindhoven Library offers a range of workshops and activities for kids. From storytelling sessions to craft workshops, there are plenty of opportunities for children to explore their imaginations and learn something new. Keep an eye on their website for the latest events and workshops.


  •  Kinderboerderij Geldrop:

Kinderboerderij Geldrop is a children's farm where kids can interact with and learn about various animals. They can feed the animals, pet them, and enjoy pony rides.

  • Kinderboerderijdehazewinkel Veldhoven

 Kinderboerderij Kwekkeltje is a charming children's farm where kids can meet and learn about farm animals. The farm also offers activities. 


  • Visit Van Gogh Village in Nuenen

Explore the village that inspired Vincent van Gogh's artwork. Kids can participate in various activities such as drawing and painting workshops.


  • Visit PreHistorisch Dorp

Step back in time and experience life in a prehistoric village through interactive activities, workshops, and demonstrations.

Please take a moment to read these articles, where you will an abundance of ideas for to enjoy in our city of Eindhoven and its surrounding areas with our expat kids. Although these articles cater to different seasons, they still offer valuable ideas and places to visit in Eindhoven, as the city provides a plethora of activities throughout the year for expat kids.

These recommendations should help you plan a fun-filled autumn holiday for your expat kids in Eindhoven. Don't forget to follow our respective social media platforms for updates on events, workshops, and any additional information you may need. Enjoy this exciting time with your little ones and explore all that Eindhoven has to offer!

I hope you find these recommendations useful, See you soon. Always remember to be brave and kind :)

With Love,
Nueva Expat Mama

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